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1. Aaron Zonka http://aaronzonka.com
Crocodile Heart Oil on panel
Aaron’s own visual style started to take shape during his time at art school, combining elements of a more formal education in figure drawing and portraiture with comic book and cartoon sensibilities . Beyond visual influences, Aaron’s work is inspired by poetic moments of the world; the grotesque and the beautiful. He is fascinated with how people–himself, his friends, and the great masters of yore–relate to creativity and inspiration . In spite of the responsibility of adulthood, all Aaron wants to do is draw and daydream.
2. Annamarta Dostourian http://annamartadostourian.blogspot.com/
Veiled Threat Jeweler's wire, vintage brass door pull, lock and skeleton key, crystal and glass beads
Inspired by the patterns and forms of Armenian and Oriental rugs and ceremonial tradition, I have worked to create a language to highlight our rich and colourful history. As these rugs use geometric patterns to delineate sacred space, I loop and stitch wire, revealing form and emptiness interlaced. My artwork seeks to translate practices of crochet, knitting and weaving into a contemporary practice with industrial materials such as copper, bronze and silver wire as well as constructed experiential spaces.

This artwork was created in 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic, and was informed by my feeling that this pandemic created a doorway through which we walk with the entire world. Covid-19 exposes layers of peril. The effects of structural inequities and climate change are no longer abstract, they are now part of our daily lives as unveiled by SARS-CoV-2.
3. Barbara DiSalvo http://[email protected]
heart of glass fused glass
Fusing glass has taught me patience and given me great pleasure. Once I turn on the kiln there is no turning back. Hours later when I open the kiln it is a thrill to see clear and vibrantly colored glass transformed.
4. Barry Tribuzio
the Garden of Ten Dreams acrylic/digital composite
Barry Tribuzio is a painter, digital art creator, and experimental musician from Alameda California.
5. Bonnie Randall Boller http://www.bonnieclayart.com
Abundance Encaustic Mixed Medium
Bonnie Randall Boller
Encaustic Mixed Media
I have focused on my personal transformation and transitions. I see the world intimately, as if seeing through a magnifying glass. Details are seen as compositions with intensity of color and simplicity of form. The Abstract Expressionists greatly influenced my personal style. When I get out of my way and let my higher power guide me, my art speaks from my internal guide.

Encaustic is created from melted beeswax and Damar resin with colored pigments added to the wax. The process lends itself to mixed media collage. Encaustic was originally developed in Ancient Greece for painting funeral portraits. This medium has endless variations of technique and style. For me it is another intriguing art process that helps me to express my abstract ideas and personal feelings.

I was a ceramic artist that began exploring printmaking and have transformed myself and my artwork through working with clayprinting and encaustic. I am a native of Alameda, an artist, a teacher, and also a leader in local art organizations. I am currently President of Island Alliance of the Arts and Vice President of Alameda Women Artists. Time with these activities, as well as with my family, keep me centered in my life.

6. Brandon Meins
Splash Symphony digital image printed on wrapped canvas
Born in Hayward and raised in Alameda, Brandon Meins is a photographer that brings stories to life through his photos of his travels around the world. He tries to show beautiful landscapes as if they are untouched and loves learning about new cultures as he travels. Brandon received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography at California State University, East Bay in June 2018. He has shown his work in the group exhibition, Out There (In Here) 2018 at the Old Kiln Room Gallery, and showed his first solo thesis exhibition, “Garden of your mind” 2018, also in the Old Kiln Room. He participates in an annual photo contest in Alameda called, “Alameda On Camera” and has participated for 4 years in a row now. In 2020 he even won Best of Show: Honorable Mention for Alameda on Camera. Brandon is eager to continue to travel the world and expand his understanding of different cultures and human nature while showing the mysterious wonders the world has to offer.
7. Carolina Tapia
Fall Flowers Acrylic & glitter on acrylic paper
DRIP PAINTINGS by Carolina Tapia-Urzua "Drip painting is a form of abstract art in which PAINT is dripped or poured on to the canvas". I’ve been interested in this particular form of expression since I learned about the work of mid-twentieth century artist Jackson Pollock. Pollock largely originated drip painting and used this form of painting almost exclusively. He would make use of such unconventional tools as sticks, hardened brushes and even basting syringes. His style has fascinated me since I was 20 years old. I particularly like liquid acrylics, which I will drip directly from the tube onto plexiglass which I use as my ‘canvas.' The plexiglass allows me to paint both sides of the surface, creating a 3D effect that adds more depth to the art piece. My inspiration comes from colors, shapes, nature, thoughts, dreams, emotions and especially movement around me inspired by the ocean and by city life. As a native of Chile I’ve been making my home in California half of my life now. The Pacific Ocean is my main connection between these two dearly loved places.
8. Cheryl Harawitz http://www.Backstreet-studio.com
Pathway Acrylic on Canvas
I am a self taught artist and writer. Beginning as a child watching my mother sketch portraits at the dinner table inspired my love of drawing and painting using watercolor, oil pastels, acrylic and more recently iPad art applications. My artwork can be seen at www.backstreet-studio.com The inspiration for my writing came from years of working with children who faced overwhelming challenges for being different. My debut novel,‘When the Magpie Calls’ is a mid/young adult story of a child with exceptional abilities facing discrimination. The discovery of my own family lost to me for decades inspired my writings at www.cherylharawitz.com
9. Chris Miles http://chrismiles.com
East Bay II Acrylic on Panel
Artist Chris Miles grew up in Utah, where he enjoys hiking, skiing, and the natural beauty the state has to offer. After graduating with a BFA from the University of Utah in 1990, he moved to New York and worked as an illustrator for magazines, book covers and children's books.

In 2000 he returned to Salt Lake City and shifted his focus to painting fine art, and has since developed his current style which he calls Magical Realism.

"My ideas mostly come from sitting down with my sketchbook and drawing from my imagination, which is nourished by nature, reading, and looking at the works of old master and contemporary artists. Most of my paintings have characters actively doing something. I see each painting as a captured moment, and like an old photograph discovered in a drawer, one is unsure of what happened before or what will happen next. I find this particular moment captured in an image very appealing. In addition, I like to include symbols and themes that I and other viewers can interpret in their own personal way.

Each painting begins with a small thumbnail sketch. I enlarge this sketch and make a series of refinements on tracing paper. I then transfer the refined drawing to the painting surface and begin painting in acrylic, using the techniques of old European masters, whose paintings are a constant source of inspiration for me.
10. Claire Maen
Dreamy Housing Project Archival Pigment Print
Claire Maen is a photographer from France living in Dublin, CA, in the East Bay. She aims to photograph the poetic beauty of suburban, (post)industrial, and commercial landscapes with her 1951 and 1965 Rolleiflex cameras. She creates a simple, beautiful, minimalist aesthetics in her images.
She is drawn to the edges: when land meets water, when houses eat fields, when desert covers parking lots. How does the capitalist society make frontiers move by conquering new land, abandoning other? How does it feel to live in these places? What will it look like in a post-climate change future?
Claire has studied photography with Janet Delanay (Fotofilmic), Sarah Christianson (City College of San Francisco) and at the Berkeley Art Studio. Her work has been published in Dodho magazine, Analog Forever, Artist Talk, Film Without Frontiers, Juniper Rag, GrainZilla (French Zine) and exhibited in galleries and art shows in California, Oregon, Arizona, Minnesota. One of her photos recently received the first place at the international call for entry “Suburban” (New York Center for Photographic Art).

@clairemaen2 (Instagram)
11. Clint Imboden https://www.clintimboden.com
bullets assemblage
Clint Imboden Bio

B. 1953, St Louis, Missouri.

I am an assemblage artist living and working in California’s Bay Area. My process-oriented sculptures and installations reimagine overlooked and neglected items sourced from local flea markets and estate sales. Imboden combines his seemingly disjointed finds to create tactile and immersive artworks addressing social, cultural, and political topics.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Although neither my mother nor father were artists, my artistic approach is profoundly shaped by their avid collecting and individual tastes. My father had a tightly defined area of interest—pre-Prohibition brewery advertising from St. Louis, Missouri—and very rarely strayed beyond it. He would judge pieces solely based on quality, disregarding any emotional influence. On the other hand, my mother had much more eclectic interests. Her less discerning approach resulted in scattered collections of everything from antique plastic animal toys, to southwestern kitsch. Like his mother, I can be drawn to new objects, without a clear idea of why the attraction exists or how the object will fit into the larger scheme of his work. Like his father, I at times take a step back to balance the emotional attraction with the bigger picture.

I believe my first collection was Nazi war metals. I found them a couple of years ago and instantly added them to my working collection. I have only used objects to make art for the last 13 years or so, before that black and white photography. My collecting habits have changed over the years. And I am not talking about the what but the why of the collecting. Collecting primarily for art now and then my scattered mother influenced collection of things. The line between the two is quite fluid with objects moving between the two worlds fluidly at times.

Imboden is a self-taught artist with skills developed in classes at the Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Texas in Arlington, Kala Institute in Berkeley, and machine shop at the Crucible in Oakland. I taught myself how to weld, how to make urethane rubber molds and cast polyester resin. My wood and metal working skills come from spending most of my high school years in the industrial arts building instead of other classes. My influences are also as diverse, from Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Jaume Plensa to Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp.
12. Dan McGarrah https://danmcgarah.com
INFORMATION? Photograph on Paper, framed
I have been doing photography since my early teens. Graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1981. This photo is from my project 'NIGHTS IN A CITY - San Francisco 1989 - 1993'. I am now in the process of creating a book from this project. [email protected]
13. Dave Sylvester https://dksylvesterart.myportfolio.com
I Love NY Watercolor & Ink
Dave has a distinctive sense of developing eye-catching paintings and illustrations.
14. DAVID BERKS http://baycopperart.com
This work entailed a combination of techniques. Heat, acid, patinas, and resists.
15. Debi Ling http://astrangechildcreations.com
Whitewashing Digital Collage
Debi Ling has always had a unique way of seeing the world around her. Growing up as a Generation X-er, pop culture was her babysitter, and along with a geeky older brother , she found a sense of community in her obsessions with Star Wars, cartoons, sci-fi, fantasy, Disney, and all things cute yet evil. Her work features bright cartoonish hues, satirical humor, and reflects aspects of her own dark sense of humor. Her style highlights the ways her heart reaches out for whatever is viewed as “ freakish” and instead offers it a clever grin and a hug. She takes the cheerful, vomit inducing rainbow filled optimism of Lisa Frank and flips it into a gleeful form of sarcastic pessimism. Her voice is fiercely progressive, made stronger by her intersectional feminist dogmas, and a deeply held belief in the only golden rule one should live by: Don’t be a Dick.
16. Diego Rios http://diegomarcialrios.com
Peace Through Unity Acrylic on Canvas
I have recently completed this smaller acrylic on canvas painting titled " Peace through Unity".
17. Doug Bloch https://www.superdougartshow.com
Garbage Acrylic on paper
Child of the 70s and punk rock survivor from 80s making mixed-media paintings on the island city of Alameda, California.
18. Dylan Mertz
Still Dreamin (Collaboration w/ NoOnes Art Acrylic on Wood
Dylan Robert "Prof Jelly" Mertz is a Alameda Born, Oakland Resident abstract pop artist. Mertz Started painting seriously around 2015, studying abstract, minimal and pop art schools of thought. In 2016 Mertz founded The Wormhole Mural Squad, a collaborative painting team that would and continues to paint at Music Festival's, Nightclubs, street fairs and various other events through out the Pacific North West. In January 2020 Mertz was one of thirty artists commissioned by the city of San Francisco to paint a Sea Lion Statue in celebration of the 20th year of the Sea Lions coming to San Francisco. Now a days you can catch Dylan " Prof Jelly" Mertz painting at Wormhole Entertainment events and Music Festivals through out the Pacific North West.
19. Ed Holmes
CameraMan sculpture
CamerMAN is a 7foot sculpture made of 253 cameras, from 1920 to now. As an amature photographer and collector of cameras since 1970 I found great satisfaction in using toy, novelty and broken cameras to make photographs. I saved all the cameras after using them and i had a vision of a man made from them. Having the collection and the idea i collaborated with Marc Ribaud, a friend and resident of Rhythmix Cultural Works, who had the engineering skills and tools to make it happen. Our 6 month collaboration was assisted by friends and local residents who shared ideas and photo gear. A soundtrack of the shutter sounds was created by Joe Paulino, a member of a band i played with. The camera cases were given to Maria Chenalt, Alameda friend and seamstress, who turned them into CameraMAN's dog Casey. We revealed it to the public outdoors in the Rhythmix parking lot on 4th of July weekend as part of the Alameda "Porch of July' celebration. The Man is currently on display in the Castro Valley Market Place
20. Ekaterina Bazlakova
Golden Koi Fish Acrylic on Canvas
Ekaterina Bazlakova is an established Bay Area artist and art
teacher. She was born in Moscow in 1956 in the family of an artist.
She loved painting ever since she was born. When she grew up, she
graduated first from Art School, and then from the Moscow State Art
While searching for her unique style, she created a series of
graphic drawings and paintings, which were purchased by the Hellen
Lama Gallery in Ruan, France.
Starting in the ‘90s, her artwork was featured at the Izmailovo
Vernissage in Moscow, Russia. In 1993, Ekaterina's works were
featured at the international art exhibition “Moscow-Berlin, Berlin-
Moscow.” You can find her paintings in private collections all across
the globe: Russia, Germany, Israel, the USA, France, and Finland.
Not long ago, Ekaterina moved to California to join her family and
was impressed by the local beautiful nature and landscapes. She
started the “California Dreaming” artwork series. Before and during the
pandemic, she created about 30 paintings of different sizes on this
theme. She created her own genre - Dreamscapes. In 2020, Ekaterina
designed an award-winning utility box artwork and completed a mural
for the local community entitled “Orange poppies.” You can see her
artwork in Dublin. In 2019-2020 some pieces of the “California
Dreaming” series was exhibited in local galleries in Dublin, Danville,
Los Gatos. Four of her big paintings were exhibited at the Splatter
Festival in Dublin in September 2021 and in 2022 two of her pictures
were used for advertisement of this festival. In 2022, Ekaterina painted
a second utility box “Dublin is the holiday that is always with you”.
Now, she is an established artist and continues her “California
Dreaming” artwork series, she participates often in ArtWalks on Castro
Valley MarketPlace.
21. Elma Rico Kastning
Coffin Quilt - Paper Piecing Textile - cotton fabric
My Mexican-American heritage has been a tremendous influence in my art, and quilting has been a favorite method of working with designs and colors. I have always loved creating, and as a child my grandmother taught me to sew, and it remains my favorite form of art expression.
So much fabric, never enough time!
22. Erin crociani
Mary Watercolor on paper (original photo by Casey Ziegler)
I got my BFA from CCA in painting. I love to paint darker subject matter and use different kinds of materials.
23. Gene Dominique
Desmond Pigment Print
Gene Dominique lives in the Town. He earned a degree in photojournalism at San Jose State University and a law degree from UC Hastings College after practicing law for thirty years, in 2015 Gene returned to his true passion: a full-time art practice centered on photography. Gene's explorations in photography include a deep dive into a variety of genres from documentary, abstract and still-life to portraiture. Gene's current work includes the documentary series, Still Here – African American Farmers in the 21st Century, which is a study of the contemporary life of Black farmers in the United States. Volunteerism is an important part of Gene's art practice. In 2016 he founded CameraAngels, a donation program that solicits used cameras and related gear for young people. In addition, Gene is on the board of SF Camerawork. Gene says he frequently looks to a quote by the photojournalist Gordon Parks -which hangs in his studio composited over a portrait of his great great grandfather - for inspiration. About the craft, Parks once noted “You know, the camera is not meant just to show misery. You can show things that you like about the universe, things that you hate about the universe. It's capable of doing both.”
24. George Powell
Ukranine Sun flowers Watercolor
After serving in the military for 20 years in two branches us marines vietnam and us navy desert storm i have combat related P.T.S.D. i begin to paint in 1996 so now i am a artist
25. Gina Gaiser
Socially Distant Musical Theatre Rehearsal Digital Photograph archival artist print
Gina Gaiser is an Oakland-based artist working primarily in photography and digital media. In high school, she was the first female student to work in the print shop duplicating printed school district forms. This is where she found her love of print processes, paper, and the smell of ink.
She received a BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and earned a certificate in Printmaking and Art History from Il Bisonte School of Graphic Arts in Florence, Italy. Upon her return to the Bay Area, she co-founded the artist collective Ben Dunne Presents producing pop-up art events and later received an MFA from Mills College in Digital Media, Video, and Sculpture.
After graduation, Gina taught art classes to people of all ages from kindergarten to college level. She was awarded residencies at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA, Southern Exposure in San Francisco and Top Hat Shine in Vienna, Austria. Since 2002, she has worked at the University of California supporting teaching and learning with technology.
Gina’s photographs have been selected to be in numerous competitive group shows juried by Curators from the MoMA NYC, Oakland Museum of CA, the Scott Nichols Gallery and the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle. She is a Member Artist at the Gearbox Gallery in Oakland.
26. Gregory S Smith http://www.gregorysaxonart.com
Handyman Digital
Gregory Saxon is a digital artist based in Newark in Alameda County. He is a mixed media digital artist. That means that he works with pixels from a variety of original sources that he creates including digital photographs, 3d digital sculptures, and manual digital painting, etc. Pixels are his medium and a camera, computer, and drawing pad are his tools. Most of his work falls into the school of magic realism. He attempts to represent with his images the human desire to be open to the possibility of the impossible.
27. Heidi Noriko https://linktr.ee/heidinoriko
The Painted Ladies Acrylic on Canvas
Hello there! I’m Heidi Noriko, born artist and designer from San Francisco. I have a MFA in Design and my day job for the past 25 years has been in education, retail, design consultation in interior design and the architectural industry.

“The Painted Ladies” was shown at joint exhibition at the Senator's office of State of California, San Francisco, a Valentine's Tribute to the Painted Ladies. It was in 2020, an artist colleague had invited me to a group show at the State of California Senator's Office. The theme, "Artist as Curator" was initiated with a political scope to enlighten the audience. I chose the Painted Ladies as a mild but jolting juxtaposition as forefront of the Financial District. What eventually evolved was a painting of the upstaged warm glow of the Edwardian before the cold concrete jungle. I was entranced by how alive these Edwardians were like cartoon characters. The evening landscape of tall buildings twinkling were magnetically charged but oddly separated. My emotion as an artist understood it was as if they were forced to unite. The gallery opening was just before the peak of the pandemic on February 14 where in lockdown all of our group work was stored into the caverns of the government building for 5 months. Later after I had shown my painting to my uncle, he said the moon oddly with it's projecting shapes looks like a COVID cell. Little did I know months before the exhibition there would be such a turn of events.

Living in Alameda, I love to paint local cityscapes, garden landscapes and Op Art geometric designs. My focus is to bring happiness and calm to a large audience.

28. Jane Yuen Corich
Less than a Dozen Acrylic
Bay Area, visual artist, painter, illustrator, creating art for visual exploration and the soul.
29. Jenna Countryman Mauro http://Trifoxatops.com
Just Breathe Watercolor & Gouache on Paper
Jenna Countryman Mauro is an artist and musician/music educator. Her work is frequently animal-centric and focuses on emotional openness and validation. She has lived in the East Bay for most of her life and currently resides in El Sobrante.
30. Jessica Warren http://jessicawarren.net/
Unicorn Acrylic and Gold Leaf
This is my bio
31. John Cartan https://foundation.app/@jcartan?tab=created
Storm Cells Still from Digital Animation
I'm a writer, designer and generative artist who specializes in short, seamless animations. Long career in tech, always coding for beauty.

Full biography: http://www.cartania.com/design.html
32. John Sheridan http://johnsheridanart.com
January Suxth Mixed Media
I was five and saw my mother's just opened box of pastels, beautifully arrayed in rows of colors - I felt I had my first near religious symbolic experience like a gilded, revealed altarpiece.

Art meant nothing to me then. It's come to mean almost everything to me since.
In school I stopped spontaneously drawing and turned to Latin and academic classes to aim for medical school. I started to become interested in girls, who were more exciting. I was a good student, although extremely neglected, as I lived in a tragically dysfunctional family who were battling the terrible, invisible cultural demons of industrial capitalism I only partially understood.

I was accepted into a new, prestigious, accelerated medical school program at Michigan that promised an MD in just six years rather than the usual eight.

However after my freshman year I began taking art classes. A friend, whose uncle, Director of NYC's Pierpont Morgan Library, gave me catalogues of art exhibits and auctions. I realized art had a story, a history and a cast of amazing characters. I was utterly fascinated and hooked. I quit medical school to everyone's astonishment and transferred to the College of Art. I've never regretted my decision to become the person I wanted to be, a sophisticated artist searching only for wisdom and insight - through art.

I finished my BFA in Boston, then graduate school at CCAC in Oakland. I thought people in California were very open-minded, experimental, accepting and adventurous. That was not the case at CCAC and I left after one semester, but liked the weather and remained in the Bay Area.

I've experimented in Video and some good Performance Art. Then painting I'm very proud of, combining abstract process techniques - over which I painted compelling American working class commercial figurative imagery found in film posters, old sexy pulp illustrations, car ads and sensational language. "Heaven's My Destination", "ZIP!", "The Bubbles Attack".

I saw a way to use very accessible, common popular imagery to take the "known" to reveal the "unknown" and experimental mind.

In 2018, after many mass shootings, I had a vision of a Rifle - made of Bones, and began creating hard hitting conceptual sculpture that is not for the average viewer but only for those who seek a similar level of enlightenment.

I ask hard questions: Can a remorselessly profit-and-violence driven society expect art? I can't create decorative, "pretty" art flattering class conceits. I must create work that directly deals with issues of out-of-control gun violence and militarism, as well as the oppression of money. But I work with wit and humor as equally important as justifiable outrage, in satirical, parodistic works that quote our virtually cartoon quality society but give hope because if they resonate, then perhaps you like I will want to do something about it.

I've also created the Sheridan Prize for Art - the first ever regional art prize for Bay Area artists, to finally give ALL artists a place to show their work for little - or no cost.
Death is the most beautiful way to lose a loved one. Canvas
My love for photography began when I was in my 20’s, after “thousands” of treasured photos taken, I realized that life passes us by too quickly and having those moments to relive are precious. I feel that there is a strong connection between people and telling their stories and that is the reason why I love Photography. It's challenging as well as nice to indulge, having a passion and satisfaction in telling stories rather than just covering some events or clicking photos and editing them. There are more types of stories than just happiness and smiles.
I have been fortunate enough to freelance for the below events/organizations:
The Unity Council Día De Los Muertos
NorCal Rugged Maniac
World Dog Surfing Championship
Silicon Valley Walk To End Alzheimer’s
Pride @ Lucid Motors
Winner of the Snap Your Best San Leandro
34. Jose Feria https://jose-feria.com
Enside Acrylic on Canvas
Born in Sonora, Mexico, raised in Southern Arizona, lived and
worked for a great part of his life in Southern California, now
resides in the East Bay (Berkeley) area. His art work is influenced
by Surrealism, Mexican muralists, Classical painting and
engraving, and Black & White Photography.
Jose studied art both in the United States and Mexico.
Over the past few years has participated in numerous exhibitions
in Southern California, Nevada, New York and Mexico.
35. Joseph Greeley http://www.modewartwork.com
The Deep Sea Gateway Acrylic Pour
Born in Berkeley, California 1988
Professional Artist
Known for Abstract Expressionism
36. Judy Threadgill
Untitled Collage
I began creating collage in 1965 using magazines, scissors, and paste. My art was interrupted for many years by family, work, and other responsibilities. In 2008, I began to develop my own style which features the juxtaposition of mundane articles with more whimsical objects.
I am unwilling to restrain my own vision or that of the viewer so I don't name my images. People amaze me by what they draw from my creations through their own imaginations.
My work has been on exhibit in several galleries in Oakland, Alameda, and San Francisco.
Judy Threadgill
37. Julia LaChica https://jlachica.art/
Freedom is Power Mixed Media
Julia LaChica is an Oakland based Queer Japanese/Filipino Visual Artist, born and raised in San Francisco. She received her BFA in Industrial Design from the California College of the Arts and has been active in her art practice since 1987. Julia works in a variety of mediums, including printmaking, screen printing, digital art, collage, assemblage art and painting.
38. Julie Barrett https://www.kaleidgallery.com/?s=Julie+Barrett
Helen’s Fly Charcoal, graphite, conte
Francis Bacon influences my work greatly.His “answer to no one” style and attitude are highly relatable to me. My current work is mostly greyscale,charcoal,conte,graphite,etc.on paper. My current multi-media project “Helen: Queen of Flies” is a short film I’m creating using only my iPhone and some simple editing programs. Along with drawings and puppets, directing,editing this film will incorporate all of my artistic skills and more!I lean towards industrial style, 70s and some 80s films,never forgetting the older masters meticulous dedication to proper materials and technique. I have been mixing heavy metal hardware with the fragility of paper. I call my style Dark Expression.
39. Kaleese Hobbs
Her Royal Highness Acrylic on canvas
Kaleese Hobbs is a Visual Artist, Fashion Designer, and Interior Designer and paints primarilywith acrylic paint on canvas. She grew up mostly in California between Oakland & Los Angeles and was taught to draw by her Aunt from which it grew to become a major part of her life. Kaleese considers herself an emotional artist as she aims to evoke an emotional response from those in view. You can find Kaleese on Instagram @kaleese_adrianna and via email at kaleese_adrianna
40. [email protected]
Bird Song Watercolor
Born in New York City, I was raised in Berkeley, California. Over the years, I studied art at the University of California, Berkeley, and Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland, California. I have spent most of my career as a public interest lawyer but returned primarily to my original passions of drawing and painting in 2010. I currently work out of my studio at Studios Eleven near Jack London Square in Oakland. My work has been exhibited locally and around the country. Selected recent showings include:

Public Art Commissions

Alameda County Arts Commission:

Cherryland Community Center, Cherryland, CA (four commissioned paintings) (permanent exhibit)

Castro Valley utility box art, six locations, Castro Valley, CA (2019 – present)


California Watercolor Association 53rd National Exhibition, Juror: Gary Tucker, Harrington Art Gallery, Pleasanton, CA, Jan-Mar 2023

California Watercolor Association 52nd National Exhibition, Juror: Andy Evansen, Harrington Art Gallery, Pleasanton, CA, Jan – Mar 2022

Yosemite Renaissance 36, Yosemite National Park Museum Gallery, Yosemite, CA, and traveling locations (1st prize winner) Mar – Sep 2021

44th International Watermedia Exhibit, Houston Watercolor Art Society. Juror: KeitoTenabe, Houston, TX, Mar 2021

Firehouse Arts Center, Center Hallway Gallery (one person exhibition), Pleasanton, CA Nov – Dec 2019

Arc Gallery, SNAP Exhibit , San Francisco, CA, Jan 2019

Moraga Art Gallery, Moraga, CA, Featured guest Artist, 2018 and 2014

Yosemite Renaissance 33, Yosemite National Park Museum Gallery, Yosemite, CA and traveling locations Mar – Sep 2018

Artist Statement:

Every day I am inspired by observing the natural world, whether it is the intricacy of a leafy branch, the texture and lines of a mountain rock, or a bold color in the sky. I see endless contradictions within the same landscape: light/dark; arid/wet; sharp/soft; living/dying. I feel compelled to examine this harmonious paradox in my work as I seek to capture the mystery, variation and whimsicality I find in every natural scene.

Nature is never still and so I begin my process by spilling and in turns adding different colors of paint onto the paper to create a ground. Though I manipulate the paint using various techniques, there is always an element of surprise and wildness. I strive to maintain this feeling of movement and spontaneity, so elemental to nature, as I develop the painting to its finished state. More recently I have also begun working on wood, finding inspiration in the natural grains of the wood to create more abstract representations of the natural world.
41. Ken Gulley http://taisia4wixsite.com
No name 2013 Acrylic, pencil on canvas
Ken Gulley (1948 - 2013)

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ken moved to the Bay Area in 1972 after serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He was heavily involved in Oakland’s Upstairs Art Gallery in the ‘70s and ’80s and completed his MFA in Conceptual Design at SFSU, School of Creative Arts in 1991.

Ken called his paintings a “non-objective”, believing strongly that a painting was never meant to be representative. Most of his work was done in acrylic on canvas. He exhibited in local galleries and continued to develop his artistic concepts throughout his life, both in paintings and in his writings.

From 1999 to 2013 Ken worked as a docent in the USS Hornet Museum. He was also an integral part of their Education Department's Paranormal Program, leading groups in all-night explorations through the ship. A life-long seeker, Ken explored many dimensions and many concepts of reality.
42. Kevin Wiseman http://kevinwisemanart.com
A Mantis From Dwight Ink on Illustration Board
Kevin Wiseman is a professional herpetologist and artist who grew up in the Bay Area. He previously worked as a scientific illlustrator at U.C. Berkeley's Essig Museum of Entomology and as a curatorial assistant at the California Academy of Sciences.
43. Les Toil http://www.LesToil.net
Turquoise In Blue Oil on Wood Board
Les Toil is a Berkeley/Oakland based commercial artist whose greatest pleasure is pulling out his oil paints and paying homage to the artists and images that inspired him as a young man to pursue creativity as a career.
44. Libby Baldwin http://www.libbybaldwin.com
Gecko Gourd Gourd, coffee, inks
I get inspiration from every gourd’s unique shape and size. Practicing the Hawaiian technique of ipu pawehe fills me with joy. A finished piece often includes dried wood, vines, roots, beads, paint, feathers and other natural and man-made materials.
45. Linda Forgues-Weinstock https://linda-weinstock.pixels.com/art
Art of Dry Needling Digital Fine Art Technology
I create colorful, contemporary artwork using various techniques and mediums. I have been involved in the Alameda art community since 2009. My “Alameda Our Town” collection and Architectural Portraiture of local homes tell the stories of the people and the community of Alameda through the lens of my photography, paintings and digital art. In addition to numerous public and gallery shows, my artwork can be found in the homes of both Alamedans and throughout the country and the globe.
"Art should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness."
46. Maddie Aub http://artofmaddieaub.com
The Curious One Acrylic on Canvas
Maddie Aub is a nomadic artist and online art business owner who draws inspiration for her work from the people and places she encounters when traveling. She creates paintings and drawings using primarily watercolors, acrylics, and inks, but also enjoys exploring 3D mediums and incorporating digital art into her practice. With a passion for visual storytelling, Maddie intends to focus on illustrating children’s books once she finishes her BFA in Illustration at California State University: Long Beach. She also plans to grow her online art business and do more international travel after graduation.
47. Malik Seneferu
Remembering Latasha Harlins of 1991 Acrylic on canvas
Malik is a self-taught and extremely prolific African-American artist that has created more than 1,000 different pieces of artwork, including paintings, murals, and mixed media projects in the past 25 years. Despite the fact that he has no formal college training, Malik's art has hung in many different professional arenas throughout the world, such as galleries, museums, magazines, and newspapers.

While growing up in the 1970s and 80s, Malik saw his peers going to jail and getting killed. Living a life of crime did not appeal to him, so he chose to follow his dreams and began creating art. His interest in art became a pursuit for spiritual, mental, and physical elevation. In addition to creating original art pieces, Malik works with communities that have seen hardship.

Count on Malik Seneferu to provide you with unique and original art pieces. Malik's Art offers original creations to collectors or people who just really love his art. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art created by Malik, please contact us to learn more about his most recent creations.
48. Matthew Felix Sun https://www.matthewfelixsun.com/
Languor Oil on canvas
Matthew Felix Sun grew up in Manchuria (northeast China), and has been perfecting his craft since childhood, when a visit to an exhibition of Italian Renaissance art cemented his passion for painting. After an education and brief career in the sciences, which enabled him to escape his repressive native country and relocate to the US, he started to pursue art more seriously, focusing on painting with oil and, more recently, water-based media. His portfolio embraces diverse subject matter; lately, his work evokes historical and social commentary on current environmental, social, and political conditions.

He depicts life frankly and critically, as visual surfaces and interior qualities. Instead of verisimilitude, he strives to discover and capture what is hidden, emphasizing the implicit and the unspoken. In recent years, he has moved away from purely representational work, leaning into shifts of pattern, color, tone, and shape. He tends toward a limited palette and records the world in a muted light; yet sometimes uses more vibrant colors to express enhanced emotions, or allows more exuberant colors to generate a dimension of visual excitement, acknowledging that joy remains, however grim the world may be.

Sun’s work has been published by art and literary reviews including The Amistad, Artistonish, Artist Portfolio Magazine, Garo, Owen Wister Review, Pomona Valley Review, Shark Reef, The Sonder Review, Superstition Review, Wilde Magazine, and William and Mary Review.

Awards & recognition include an Honorable Mention in the juried "Fresh Works VII" exhibition presented by Harrington Gallery (Pleasanton, CA); multiple ArtSlant Prize Showcase Awards and inclusion on its Watch List; an Honorable Mention in an Artist Portfolio Magazine Landscape Contest, and its Editor's Choice Award.

Sun’s work has been presented by Jen Tough Gallery at Miami Art Week, and has been selected for exhibition in juried shows and competitions in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, San Diego, Cincinnati, Berkeley, and other US cities.

His works are collected in the US, Canada, UK, and China. His portfolio can be viewed at matthewfelixsun.com.
49. May Lo https://www.maymlo.com/
I Know You're There Acrylic on Wood
May was born in Los Angeles, California, to Chinese immigrants. Her family came to the Bay Area when she was about two and settled in Marin County. From there on, she would have to move a dozen more times - jumping from school to school, adjusting to different neighborhoods, and making new friends along the way. Change became a constant, leaving a permanent impression on her approach to art. She finds endless inspiration in her natural surroundings and has a fondness for human anatomy. Her work has been featured at the de Young and SFMOMA museum stores in San Francisco, under the name TIMMY MAYS.
50. Meagan Jensen http://www.meaganjensen.com
Ilana and Lev: Thoughts on Motherhood Digital mixed media
Meagan Jensen is a digital mixed media artist and storyteller whose mission is to spark joy, invite connection, and remind us that we make our own meaning in the world. She specializes in custom memory portraits and illustrating life goals. If it makes your heart skip, your eyes light up or your face soften, she wants to hear about it!

Meagan lives and works in Alameda with her physicist husband, their three wild children, and her own infinitely patient mother.
51. Meghan Lewis MacLeod
Frolic Mixed Media on yupo
Dr. Meghan Lewis MacLeod
Mixed Media Abstract Art
Creative & Contemplative Counseling
University of Michigan
School of Art and LS&A, BA
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, PhD
Resides in Oakland, CA
Studio in Berkeley, CA
By appointment only.

Cycles of the seasons, moods of the moon, weather patterns, forest fae, water and fire elementals continuously awe and inspire my creative musings. My processes of abstract, mixed media art-making generally has several iterations, initially a kind of dowsing experiment; The brush or oil pigment stick, a rod I subtlety or exaggeratedly move across the substrate sometimes scratching into the surface as if on a kind of archeological dig with utmost care and concentration all the while conjuring the occurrence of the nascent configurations. Then as unformed forces make themselves more visible on the canvas or board, once faint and cloud-like, drip by drip they (sur)rendering into the collective flow, in excited anticipation, I await the rain. Toward the final iteration, I hear the inherent language, once a whisper of symbols hinting at the image’s underlying essence, it grows more audible, than thunderous with each declarative layer of color, texture, and form.

The universal truth of intuition infuses, inspires, and guides my work. This art making process is for me a meditation on the ever-interconnected, non-dual nature of psyche and it’s inherent evolutionary capacities. I hold the intention that the art’s viewers join this creative, visual journey and freely experience equal parts energetic inspiration and true thought-provoking renewal.
52. michael elliott http://mikeyelliott.com
purgatory uv reactive acrylic on recycled plastic
see website
53. Michael john Dugger http://www.insightfulimagery.com
Mr. photography
I am not that interesting so let’s focus on my art instead of me.

Who knew that photographing toys would be so much fun. Coupled with the desire to create miniature scenes to place the figures inside and the creative possibilities are endless. I create using foam for my structures and mostly design and 3d print for my supporting props. What really excites me about diorama action figure photography is the “intentional nature” of it.

I mean there is nothing in the frame you see that was not put there intentionally. Lights, reflections specks of dust on the floor etc. The entire image is intentional. This means means you sail high or sink with the ship. You get the credit or the blame.

The amount of technical process involved in creating a set then lighting it and choosing lens and angle is such a fun creative process for me that I get lost in it and the world fades for that time.

I am given the opportunity to forget about the world and live in this moment. In the end it is therapeutic for me and it scratches my creative itches. A win all the way around.

I am just guy with art supplies and imagination

I make messes and the result is usually something wonderful to photograph!
54. Michelle E Fillmore https://www.michellelizabeth-art.com/
Reaching Out Oil on Panel
Michelle E Fillmore is a photorealistic painter based in the Bay Area. She grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and started taking art classes at UNLV, where she discovered a love for oil painting. Michelle graduated with a BA in Painting and Drawing from UNLV in 2015.

Michelle’s paintings are autobiographical metaphors. Her work aims to open up a discussion about mental health and point out its inherent stigmas and challenges. She favors a tightly controlled photorealistic style at odds with the chaotic subject matter; as such, her work embodies beauty in imperfection, suggesting that adversities can ultimately be opportunities to grow. Each painting is a celebration of a person’s ability to liberate themself from their own prison, as well as the ability to change and transform.

Michelle Fillmore exhibits nationally, currently being represented by the SHOH Gallery in Berkeley, California, Artspace Warehouse in Los Angeles, CA, Adele Gilani Art Gallery in Sausalito, California, and Woodman/Shimko Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
55. Miriam Infinger http://sites.google.com/view/miriaminfinger
My Kind of Spooky Soft Pastels
As Aristotle observed, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” My art reveals thoughts and feelings often unspoken. It is an ongoing exploration of technique, medium and process that forces me to move forward into the unknown, although themes do reoccur in my work – personal, social, environmental, religious and political. Although I have always made art, I did not begin exhibiting until 2008.
56. Moze
Blue Bird Blown Borosilicate Glass and Found Drift Wood
In 2013 I began studies in the Scientific Glass and Glass Art Program at Salem Community College.

The next summer in 2014 I interned at the prestigious Corning Museum of Glass, where I gave talks about Fiber Optics and Glass Stress, as well as Flameworking demonstrations 11 times per day.

In the summer of 2015 I got to take my work deeper by traveling all over the East Coast and blowing glass with different artists.

I then took a risk, packing up everything I had and moving across the country to LA with my girlfriend at the time, to take a position at Phillips Lighting, making projector bulbs.

I left my comfy six-figure job to explore entrepreneurship and master my passion for glass, by innovating glass technology and disrupting industries on my own terms.

My dream is to grow an enterprise company that hires people of color for skilled and well paid positions and mentors them to be able to excel in the world of high technology.

57. nik caesar http://www.scary-art.com
how to ruin your life acrylic on canvas
Nicolas Caesar was born in Santa Clara, California. His father painted houses, his mother was a nurse and his sister teaches geology. He was a quiet, shy child who spend a lot of his youth indoors due to his Asthma. There he developed his world of monsters fuelled by horror comics, monster toys and KTVU's Creature Features with Bob Wilkins.

His teen years consisted of more drawing, collecting skeletons and bones, and weird pieces of metal. He also got a subscription to Fangoria and began going to horror conventions, tape trading, and making his own comics. He was the only punk rocker in a suburban high school (one even asked if he was part of the hale Krishna) and would often sneak out to take 2 buses to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Palo Alto where he was one of the PA Punks. He could have been seen drinking, singing The Fiddler on the Roof's "If I were a rich man!" between wrestling dumpsters.

His early adult years were spent between going to college. Not actually going to college but hanging out at the college. Punk also included Goth and Industrial music after a high school friend introduced him to a band called Skinny Puppy. His bone and wire sculptures became bigger and he showed in clubs like Roderick's Chamber and Death Guild in San Francisco. Meanwhile his day jobs included developing nudes at the Ritz Camera on Castro Street, being a tour guide at The Winchester Mystery House and making Starbucks coffee in Colma where the dead out populate the living.

In 2006 he retaught himself to paint and made a new career as a painter. He debuted his paintings at The Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. From there to Sacramento then Burbank, New York, Norway, and even one mounted on a tank in Afghanistan. Outside of galleries his art has been shown on the walls of Adult Boutiques, Comic Shops, Wine Bars, Garage Sales, Movie Theaters, Taquerias, Banks, Bars, sidewalks, Barber Shops, Tattoo Studios, Comic Book Conventions, Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors, Magic Dinner Theaters, you get it.

In 2009 he was a regular artist at Kaleid Gallery's Two Buck Tuesdays where he fraternized with other artists and gave lectures. 2010 he created his web comic Mosquito and Spider that he developed into a TV show in post production. 2013 he was doing Doodles on Demand with DJ Cutz on Demand Thursday Nights at The Layover Bar in Oakland. In 2016 most people know him from his thousands of illustrations for The Phone Losers of America and Prank Call Nation. Or maybe even a few appearances on KOFY's Creepy Kofy Movie Time.

Now he's returning to his first love comic books with Scary-Art Comix!

Nicolas Caesar now lives in the East Bay with his wife Sarah and their dogs Chicken and Peanut.
58. Paige Tashner https://www.purrpods.art/
Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box Upcycled Material and Acrylic UV-Reactive Paint
Paige Tashner
Richmond, CA

Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box, 2022
Repurposed toy cats, UV paint, cardboard, tin foil, air dry clay, wood scraps, etc., create this three dimensional scene, illuminated by black light.

Paige Tashner, native Oregonian, recent East Bay California transplant, Burning Man citizen and two-time Black Rock City Honoraria Grant recipient, has been sharing her sense of whimsy and quirkiness for several years.

The Underwater Psychedelic Cat Box is an unexpected and surreal 3D blacklight cat-themed shadow box. Everything in the box from the cats doing cat and non-cat stuff with and on cat and non-cat things to the trippy walls, ceiling and floor of the cube will glow with UV/Blacklight-reactive paint. It's colorful and swirly in the daylight too!
59. Pat Augsburger http://www.pataugsburger.net
Cyndarella oil in linen
My artistic practice has involved multiple mediums but at this time I am focusing on my love of oil painting. My concentration on figurative painting allows me the opportunity to explore the synergy between the subjects and their environment with hopes of relaying a story that can be realistic and or imaginative It is not only a way for me to explore relationships with my subjects but also a way to share the uniqueness of our communities with a wider audience. One of my favorite ways to familiarize myself with my surroundings when traveling is to spend time in cafes observing and imagining. I have a masters degree from San Francisco Art Institute. I have traveled and exhibited nationally and internationally.
60. PattiGoldstein
Mystery Murder Photo Composite printed on metal
Patti has her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, Grief Therapy and Art Therapy and a BFA from CCA. Patti uses her photo images of birds, branches, selfies and drawing in her photo composite studies and also dabbles in watercolors. She has exhibited at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA, Carlsbad Museum in NM, Franklin Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum in SC, Studio 23 in Alameda, CA, Uma Gallery and Creative Framing in Oakland. Patti works as an Activities Coordinator in a Memory Care Facility.
61. Peter Baczek https://www.baczekstudio.com
The Ascension Graphite
Peter Baczek received his BA in Art with a concentration in Printmaking from San Jose State University in 1970. Over the years he has been included in national and international print competitions, receiving numerous awards. He has participated in many group shows in galleries and museums, including the Berkeley Art Center, Triton Museum, Tokyo Art Museum, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Tucson Museum of Art and the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. He is in several permanent collections, including the Brooklyn Museum, Tucson Museum, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, The Turner Print Museum, and the Library of Congress. He is a member of the California Society of Printmakers, and The Boston Printmakers, Los Angeles Printmakers, and the Society of American Graphic Artists.
62. Rhianna Rose Hixon https://www.rhianna-rose.com
La Rêveuse Acrylic on Canvas
Rhianna Rose is a contemporary landscape painter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an avid environmentalist, her vibrant paintings evoke a sense of wonder and admiration for the natural world. With 6 years of classical arts training and a B.A. in Environmental Studies and French, she draws inspiration from interdisciplinary sources, including the colorful landscapes of Richard Mayhew, the adventures of John Muir and the ecological ethics of Aldo Leopold. Her style is marked by saturated colors and bold compositions that emphasize the grandeur of nature. Through her paintings of the wild, Rhianna strives to inspire viewers to not only respect the power and beauty of nature, but to see themselves as part of nature.
63. Robert Graf
The Universe Neon Light
Robert Graf is a Wisconsinite who transplanted to the Bay Area in 2010. His background in software engineering and computer graphics has led him to a career in the technology industry. Outside of regular full-time work, he is involved in a variety of other disciplines and activities including neon tube bending, sculpture design and fabrication, interactive media, electrical engineering, amateur radio, photography, massage therapy, mountain cycling, and pyrotechnics.
64. S. Newman http://www.newmanesque.net
Impressions From Memories Past oil on canvas
S. Newman: Artist Statement
The objective of my painting is to embrace the viewer by selecting subjects that portray the common denominators between people. I attempt to offer a synopsis of familiar experiences translated into paintings. Thick layers of paint and textures created with steel wool represent the depths of our human experience and the potential each of us has to develop our better self. The central themes of work, play, relationships, and daily sustenance are represented to create a venue for the viewer to transfer themselves into a similar world. By transcending time and place, I try to provide an entrance for people to build empathy. My objective is to use art as a means of unification. I prefer thought-provoking, emotionally stimulating, easily identifiable subjects.

In 1998 I was invited to become part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artist Gallery artists, and I have been with them until their closure in October 2021. Private collectors throughout France, Germany, England, and Tibet have purchased selected paintings. I have displayed my work at a number of Government facilities including Oakland City Hall, Mountain View City Hall Berkeley Municipal Building, Berkeley City Planning Department, City of Brentwood Community Center, The City of Albany Center for the Arts, Oakland Chamber of Commerce and The City of Alameda Law Library. In 2007 Atea (formerly Ementor), Europe’s largest IT company with approximately 7,500 employees in over 7 countries, purchased “The Place To Be” by S. Newman, from the SF MOMA Artist Gallery. It is presented at all corporate meetings with their international partners and prospects, including Apple, Mac, and IBM. Atea subsequently acquired three additional paintings, but “The Place To Be” was replicated and hung in each office throughout the seven countries. It is a symbol of Cultural unity which embodies the spirit of their company and my paintings. To reach people is to feel their souls. That is my goal as a painter.

65. Sandra Gumpert
Arizona Highway Handcut Analog Collage
Sandra Gumpert is an analog collage artist and textile designer based in Alameda, CA. Influenced by Bauhaus arts and guided by Albers' color theories, Sandra focuses on contemporary geometric and architectural abstract designs in her artwork and her signature collage-generated textiles and soft furnishings.
66. Sara Edge http://www.sedgeart.com
Third Eye Fly Watercolor, Graphite, Ink on Watercolor Paper
“Art is born of the observation of nature.” – Cicero

I have spent much of my life observing the natural world and exploring its wonders. As an advocate for protecting the environment, my art is focused on the wildlife that I love in hopes that it will inspire others to appreciate nature. A self-taught artist, since 2015, my style is influenced by Modern Surrealism and Impressionism. Based in Alameda, CA, my work has been featured at galleries across the Bay Area. I am also co-owner and curator of 3Dot Art Gallery in Alameda, CA.
67. Steven Yu https://www.sydstudiopresents.com/
I am a visual storyteller in comics and illustration. My works are influenced by 80's/90's action films, martial arts movies, old school anime, and Heavy Metal magazines.
68. Terrie Schultz https://www.terrie-schultz.com/
Wise Woman and Inner Child Acrylic on Canvas Board
I love nature, wild things, big cities, myth and fantasy. I paint mainly in acrylic. Some subjects exist in the real world, and others come from my imagination. In my intuitive, imaginative paintings, I am always surprised by what appears on the canvas.
69. Terry Furry http://www.terryfurry.com
Flowers for Ukraine Oil on Panel
My family's business is cutting down trees. Tumbling down giant Douglas Firs, blasting away at serene landscapes, and leaving behind barren hillsides is what put food on our table. Being a lumberman and being good at Sports were the skills most valued in my family; skills I never desired to master. My childhood refuge was seeking solitude and creating art. I would frequently hide from visiting relatives locking myself away to draw. My mother was newspaper woman, so there was never a shortage of "end rolls" to draw on. I also found the pristine white cardboard inserts from her nylon hose packaging an excellent canvas. As I grew up, my family gradually gave up hopes that I would continue in the lumber business, or become a famous baseball player, or whatever path they had determined they'd be proud to see me walk. My responsibilities among the lumber crews lessened to fire prevention detail, I abandoned a potential sports career, and I instead held true to my passion: making art. But as it so often is with families, you look back decades later from a life you thought you had successfully fled, only to see you never quite left it. I enjoyed a successful career in the newspaper industry just as my mother had, and I find myself still inspired creatively by those newspaper rolls and nylon hose packaging of my preteen years.
70. Tim Walters https://timwaltersphoto.com
Abandoned chair, Oakland, California Photograph
Tim Walters grew up in a peripatetic military family, and lived in Okinawa, England, and Germany, as well as many locations in the United States, before making his home in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been making photographs, computer art and music for over thirty years. He received a M.F.A. degree from Mills College in 1995.
71. Todd Hallenbeck https://www.instagram.com/pretty__fishy/
Hungry For Change Wheatpaste on wood
Todd Hallenbeck is a marine scientist and coastal cartographer living in Alameda. His work is inspired by the creatures of the Pacific Ocean and styled with the bright colors and sharp contrasts of stencil-based graffiti art. Currently, he supports sea level rise adaptation and habitat restoration projects in the San Francisco Bay. He paints to increase awareness of the beauty and bounty of our coastal oceans in an effort to inspire sustainable decisions. Todd is available for commissions, murals, and fish cookouts. Check out his portfolio at @pretty__fishy on Instagram or contact him at [email protected].
72. Vera Tour http://www.veratourart.com
Secret Garden Acrylic on canvas
Vera was born and raised in Soviet Union, Moscow region, where her whole family still resides. As a curious and wondering spirit, she moved to the United States at the end of year 2000. In 2005 she ended up in California where her artistic journey started at the age of 26. “A bit of a late bloomer” as she jokingly calls herself, Vera did not have any art education or even a thought or desire of becoming an artist. After her first original painting titled “I want to sleep in peace” had had a great response among her friends, it became clear that it is something she should be pursuing. For years she didn't take it seriously and treated it as a hobby. But time has passed and now she can’t think of doing anything else for the rest of her life.
Vera's art is created exclusively by brush and acrylic paint on canvas. It is often described as intricate, whimsical, spiritual, visionary, intuitive, inspirational, philosophical, and even psychedelic. The surrealistic motives and hidden illusions make her style of painting truly unique and recognizable. And one thing it is for sure is … colorful! It has been shown around at local shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries in the East Bay Area, and mainly Alameda, where she has been residing for the past 15 years. She curated many exhibits here herself throughout the years but prefers actually creating to the “hustle-bustle of curating”.
73. Victor Mavedzenge http://www.mavedzenge.com
Together Through Life Acrylic on canvas
Victor Mavedzenge is a Zimbabwean born artist currently living and working in Berkeley California.
74. Wesley Edward Warren https://www.wesleywarren.com
How To Catch a Lizard Acrylic on canvas
Cybernetic alien human hybrid robot from the future. Co-owner Studio 23 Gallery. Acrylic painter.
75. William Ulrich http://ulrichfineart.com
How I feel about people Oil on canvas
A country boy from Indiana, I wound up studying graphic design at the University of Cincinnati. Taking fine art classes whenever I could, I wanted to be an artist. After college, a three-month study in Paris, France with an American realist painter (Ben Long) made me determined to be an artist. After Paris, I couldn’t stay in Ohio and moved to San Francisco. 1998 finds me with two pieces in the collection of the Museu de L’Erotica (Barcelona, Spain). After living in San Francisco many years, I was evicted and wound up in Berkeley. Currently, I live in Oakland. I’ve continued to maintain a presence in San Francisco by doing shows there when I can.
76. Xan Blood Walker https://www.xanbloodwalkerart.com
Owner Photography
This is the 2nd story of a rough made structure at the Albany Bulb. I'm standing on top of the stairs looking out over what used to be the roof, and onto the Bay. The contrast is striking. The intensely colorful and hard man-made color, to the muted soft color of nature.
77. yelena karanovich http://www.mutopea.com
Sunflowers - Ode to Ukraine watercolor on paper
Yelena began her involvement with the world of art at the Art School for Gifted Children in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She immigrated to the United States with her family in early 90s and received an Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Laney College in Oakland, CA. Yelena has continued to broaden her artistic knowledge and expertise through local classes and self-study. She completed her BA degree in Art with Cum Laude at the San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA).
Yelena’s work can be found in private collections in Europe and the United States. Her emphasis to date has been in watercolor and mixed media, but she also enjoys other avenues of expression, and is planning to place more emphasis on oil painting and graphic illustration. She has worked with a broad range of subject matter accented by portraiture, floral and decorative elements. A few years ago Yelena has created a series called "Mutopea."
"Mutopea" is a fantasy world which occupants, Mutopeans, peacefully coexist with each other and other species. The main premise of Mutopea is that all the creatures are different – everything is acceptable as long as you treat each other with respect and dignity.
Currently Yelena is working on series Zhovto-Blokitna (yellow and blue), dedicated to people of Ukraine and their struggle for freedom and survival.
78. Yolanda Cotton Turner http://CottonTurner.com
B'Leaf Mono print with ink & brush on handmade paper
Yolanda attended California State University, Hayward (1988) to study music, and there, she was introduced to lithography where she instantly fell in love with the laborious, mind-bending, and magnificently serendipitous processes of fine art printmaking. She had the opportunity to study under the renowned Tamarind master Kenjilo Nanao and monoprint expert Linda Goodman. In 2013, after raising her family and moving back to her hometown of Oakland, CA, she found Bernadette Martinez at Artery Press who nurtured her re-acquaintance with the medium.

Yolanda’s current focus is in relief and lithographic printmaking. Her subject commonly focuses on urban culture, our kindred power within nature, the magic in music, the human experience, and other social, spiritual, and environmental inspirations. Yolanda uses plexiglass, wood, lino, and nature itself as a printing plate, printing onto handmade paper, mulberry, or cotton rag, or natural fabrics. She personally executes all the steps involved in the printmaking process, from developing the image, working the plate, inking, and pulling the print by hand utilizing a Griffin etching press.

Yolanda’s work has earned a spot on the walls of the de Young Museum in San Francisco, Ca. as well as many other notable galleries. She can be found at The Red Door Creative Space in Alameda, California.
79. Zephyr Taurel http://Www.zephyrtaurel.Wordpress.com
Creep Ceramic
I graduated in 2020 from California College of the Arts in Oakland, Ca, where I live now, and was born. I grew up in Trinidad, Holland, Mexico, and Wisconsin, but Oakland is my home. I currently work as a Landscape Designer and gardener, and live with my cats and an apartment full of my sculptures.
80. Zoë Boston http://ZoeBostonArt.com
Breath of life Acrylic and spray can on concrete
Zoë Boston

Zoe Boston was born in Southern California, raised in upstate New York, and has now lived in the Oakland Bay Area for 6 years. She is an artist in almost every sense of the word, as she paints, sings, and writes. she uses her gifts to show God to this world and give glances into a world unseen.
Her inspirations come from God, life, love, music, and everything in between. She has been drawing all her life, however, didn't start painting until She came back to the west coast.

In 2019, Zoë Boston received the Jan Hart Schuyers Artistic Achievement Award through The Art of Living Black, establishing her as one of The Art of African Diaspora’s 2020 Spotlight Artist and featured speakers. She has exhibited at the Richmond Art Gallery in conjunction with The Art of Living Black, Jingletown Art Studios, American Steel Studios, Abrams Claghorn Gallery, The Grove salon, and Joyce Gordon Gallery.

The motif of the pieces she is exhibiting is the process of a journey. Everyone’s journey has similar phases; The ups, the downs, the importance to keep going, and to trust God. At the same time, everyone’s journey is wildly different, and that is part of what makes us who we are. Through the viewing windows into her world, That she calls art pieces, you can see how her journey has shaped and prepared her.

She calls it art to simplify the means of expression. These pieces were birthed from the revelations of her life experiences so far. She grows with each new piece. You are not just witnessing art but, portions of her life's journey.


[email protected]



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