East Bay Artists 2021 Limited Edition Book
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1. Aaron Eminger https://www.etsy.com/shop/AaronEmingerArtist
Grant Avenue, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA Watercolors
I'm a Berkeley-based watercolor artist who paints urban streetscapes, landscapes, and landmarks of the Bay Area and beyond. I'm drawn to visual scenes that invite people to enter them and weave their own stories, memories, and fantasies.

My perspective began in childhood, when I'd often gaze down unfamiliar streets as far as I could see. With a sense of wonder, I'd imagine what those scenes might look and feel like if I could enter them. From ages ten to twelve, I took lessons in classical watercolor technique from a professional artist who had been trained in France and Germany. She saw a lot of potential in my watercolors, but at the time I was more drawn to the intensity of oil painting.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to shape watercolors into the medium I envision, rather than try to imitate a particular style. I’ve developed layering techniques that resemble the rich colors and contrasts that originally inspired me. I use a dry-brush technique to bring out fine textures and depths of color, light, and shadow, in a style that flows between Realism and Impressionism. As I complete a painting, I scan the page to sense how it feels as the eye moves from one line or pattern to another. Like a visual symphony, all the elements in each section of the painting must be balanced for a harmonious effect that invites viewers into the scene.

My creative process crystalizes into images that have a translucent quality without crossing into the realm of fantasy. Mastering my craft gives me the freedom to enhance the emotional aspects of a scene while maintaining high visual aesthetics. These days, it’s become more important for my paintings to convey mystery, drama, grace, and a sense of well-being than to dazzle viewers with technical skills. My intention is to share what inspired me to render that particular scene in watercolors as well as to memorialize places and structures that people never want to forget.
2. Aaron Zonka http://aaronzonka.com
Creatures or California Pencil, Procreate and Photoshop
Aaron’s own visual style started to take shape during his time at art school, combining elements of a more formal education in figure drawing and portraiture with comic book and cartoon sensibilities . Beyond visual influences, Aaron’s work is inspired by poetic moments of the world; the grotesque and the beautiful. He is fascinated with how people–himself, his friends, and the great masters of yore–relate to creativity and inspiration . In spite of the responsibility of adulthood, all Aaron wants to do is draw and daydream.
3. Alana Dill http://www.youbecomeart.com
Skeleton Flowers Acrylic on Canvas Board
Alana Dill likes to paint people on things, & to paint images on people. She worked for 17 years as a professional body artist & face painter. The Covid19 pandemic has required a somewhat less event-oriented medium. It is a challenge to let go of the ephemeral nature of body art, albeit with the understanding that nothing's really permanent, is it?
Alana creates illustrations, portraits, weird doodles, cartoons, costume designs, & more in acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pen/ink, pencil, as well as sculptural and digital media.
Find Alana as @alanapaints on Twitter and Instagram. Ask about commissions!
4. Alex da Silva
"Nunca Lavamos os Shorts" Oil on Linen
Alex da Silva was born in Brazil. As a child, he often accompanied his late father - a known painter - on outings to the ocean or the outskirts of São Paulo to experiment with oil paints. These brief and emotional trips became the basis of all his artist output.

His work tries to present an emotional space allowing the viewer to create his own narrative. His usage of colors and diverse mediums show the impact of the influences on Alex throughout his life - the organic and earthy tones of his father's works and his childhood country, and the visual experimentations of the 20th Century American Art of his adopted home.
5. amy Brownson http://amybrownson.com
Color Study 3 Textile
Amy Brownson is a California based artist using fabric to construct textile works. Her current pieces embrace the texture and beauty of remnants and damaged goods from the knitting mills in Los Angeles.

Amy began creating in childhood, winning a national sewing award at age 12. She apprenticed abroad and in the United States, restoring antique textiles, studying woodworking, and designing and fabricating couture and ready-to-wear fashion. She returned west, continuing to practice her skills while designing and building costumes and sets for film and video. In Los Angeles, Amy started “painting with fabric,” turning the strips and fastening them in place. She relocated back home to the Bay Area in 2018 to create art full time.

Amy has exhibited at the Palm Springs Modernism Show, the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show, and Gallery DeRoche. Her work is in East Bay Artists 2020 published by ArtPush. She received installation commissions for the Saks Fifth Avenue catalog, and from the City of Los Angeles, premiering at The Orpheum and Eastern Columbia Building.
6. Andie Nguyen
Bart Ride Marker on paper; Adobe Illustrator
Art and Writing Zine | Printed and upcycled matter and Events | VOL2.3 May 2020 Cars Issue out on issuu
7. Andrea McCoy Harvey
My Black is Beautiful Soft Pastels, Oil Pastels
Andrea sets aside the brushes, she prefers to use her hands, placing her fingers into soft pastels and oil pastels to build the rich depth and colors that bring her portraits of the African American women to life. Her work is an ode to the "magic" and beauty of Black women standing strong amid difficult times.
Andrea McCoy Harvey acquired her bachelor degree in Art Education from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, an HBCU; and her work has captured the attention of the de Young Museum in San Francisco. McCoy Harvey is an Oakland resident and full-time Art Teacher in Emeryville, Ca.
Exhibitions: de Young Museum, San Francisco; Richmond Art Center; Booker T. Washington Community Center, San Francisco; Abrams Art Gallery, Albany; Impact Hub, Oakland; District Oakland; Facebook Head Qtrs, Menlo Park, Square Head Qtrs ,San Francisco ; Jackson Park, Alameda; Macy’s Union Square, San Francisco; Pottery Barn, Pleasanton.
8. Annamarta Dostourian http://annamartadostourian.blogspot.com/
Snakeskin Universe Jeweler's wire, industrial copper, embroidery floss, vintage & crystal beads from Czech Rep & Japan, Swarovski Crystals
Inspired by the patterns and forms of Armenian and Oriental rugs and ceremonial tradition, I have worked to create a language to highlight our rich and colourful history. As these rugs use geometric patterns to delineate sacred space, I loop and stitch wire, revealing form and emptiness interlaced. My artwork seeks to translate practices of crochet, knitting and weaving into a contemporary practice with industrial materials such as copper, bronze and silver wire as well as constructed experiential spaces.

Snakeskin Universe was part of the juried exhibit 'Dualities' at
O'Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley, CA.
The Juror was Nancy Rehkopf, Executive Director of Marin MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art).

Dualities, "as a primary theme or focus...an instance of opposition, contrast or other
relationships between two concepts". Out of 138 art works submitted, 50 were chosen.

Sculpture is over 6 feet tall, materials: jeweler's and industrial metal and copper wire,
embroidery floss from France, vintage metal beads, crystal beads from Czech Republic,
Japan and China, Swarovski Crystals.

Snakes-spin in opposition,
Creating tension in the grid.
Reconciled, can we hear the whisper
Dimension ( space ) peace?

Snakes winding around Mercury's staff are within the Alchemical tradition. In the Hindu Upanishads,
two snakes winding up a central core represent subtle energy channels which are
dualities until the reach the third eye where they become unified.

Photo by Wilfred J. Jones
9. Arianna Siegel http://ariannasiegelart.weebly.com
Howdy Doody! Digital
Arianna's muses are myths, fairy tales, dreams, literature and film to mention a few! She has been creating art for years in different forms, including a line of oracle decks. Her artist nickname is White Rabbit (yes the Alice connection) as she hopes to lead viewers into the rabbit hole of inspiration, self-empowerment, and magic. She describes her work as magical realism, as magic is real and present every moment. Just look.
10. Barbara DiSalvo http://[email protected]
Fused Glass Platter fused glass
My art is about exploring color, shape & texture with a focus is on fused glass and handmade paper. Fusing glass has taught me patience. After hours when I open my kiln it is a thrill to see the clear and vibrantly colored glass transformed into abstract and functional objects. Handmade papermaking gives me immediate gratification. Using abaca and cotton fibers with additives and vibrant colored pigments, I quickly form pulp into various sizes and shapes using molds and stencils. The result is unadorned or imaginative paper. I am expanding my fused glass and handmade paper techniques by making boxes with fused glass inserts and constructing books with unique glass covers.
11. Bill Weber a.k.a. El Gallo http://ElGalloSurrealist.com
Trickle-Down Economics oil on panel
Bill has been painting surreal art since 1969. He has exhibited in SF MOMA, Oakland Museum, and the Cornish Colony Museum in Windsor, Vermont. He has also painted many murals, including a number in San
Francisco and the Bay Area.
12. Bonnie Randall Boller http://www.bonnieclayart.com
In the Window Encaustic
Alameda, CA USA

I am an artist working with Encaustic, Pottery, Printmaking and Clay Monotype. My art expresses my intuitive, creative process more than a desire for a finished product.

I have focused on my personal transformation and transitions where the world is seen intimately, as if looking through a magnifying glass. Details are often seen as compositions combined with intensity of color and simplicity of form. The Abstract Expressionists have greatly influenced my personal style and my emotional voice. When I can get out of my way and let my higher power guide me, my art speaks from my subconscious emotions and visions.

13. Brandon Meins
The Adventures of Blah and B II Photograph / Acrylic
The collaborative art of Brandon Meins @photobmines and Liliana Herrera Gutierrez @lilysarte
14. Carolina Tapia
“Summer Birds” Acrylics and glitter on canvas
DRIP PAINTINGS by Carolina Tapia-Urzua "Drip painting is a form of abstract art in which PAINT is dripped or poured on to the canvas". I’ve been interested in this particular form of expression since I learned about the work of mid-twentieth century artist Jackson Pollock. Pollock largely originated drip painting and used this form of painting almost exclusively. He would make use of such unconventional tools as sticks, hardened brushes and even basting syringes. His style has fascinated me since I was 20 years old. I particularly like liquid acrylics, which I will drip directly from the tube onto plexiglass which I use as my ‘canvas.' The plexiglass allows me to paint both sides of the surface, creating a 3D effect that adds more depth to the art piece. My inspiration comes from colors, shapes, nature, thoughts, dreams, emotions and especially movement around me inspired by the ocean and by city life. As a native of Chile I’ve been making my home in California half of my life now. The Pacific Ocean is my main connection between these two dearly loved places.
15. Carolynn Haydu http://Carolynnhaydu.com
Untitled Watercolor paintings on paper and wood panel
Carolynn Haydu was born in Los Angeles. She was raised by her Hungarian grandfather who painted in his free time. She has a degree in art practice from UC Berkeley and a masters degree in art practice from NYU. She is the co-founder of Metal Haus Gallery. She works out of her studio in Oakland.
16. Cheryl Harawitz http://www.Backstreet-studio.com
When the Magpie Calls, 2021 Digital painting
Cheryl Harawitz is a Canadian born self taught artist and author. She moved to Alameda with her husband Howard in 2010 where her work has been exhibited in various shows and venues since. 'When the Magpie Calls,' is a digital painting created for the cover of her debut novel
17. Chris Granillo http://Www.chrisgranilloart.com
The Heron Mural Spray paint on wood panel.
The Heron Mural located at private mail box in Oakland,Ca
18. Chris Miles http://chrismiles.com
Archetypes 2 Acrylic on Cancas
I grew up in Utah and recieved my BFA from the University of Utah. I started doing gallery art in 2000. I call my style of painting Magical Realism and i work in acrylic, using traditional oil painting techniques.
19. Christopher T Braun https://chritobraunfineart.com
Riverdance Pigmented Resin on Stainless Steel
Alameda painter working in mixed media capturing organic, visceral, abstract imagery on the edge of representation, primarily in epoxy resin on aluminum composite panels
20. Clint Imboden
call Lois assemblage
Clint Imboden Bio

B. 1953, St Louis, Missouri.

I am an assemblage artist living and working in California’s Bay Area. My process-oriented sculptures and installations reimagine overlooked and neglected items sourced from local flea markets and estate sales. Imboden combines his seemingly disjointed finds to create tactile and immersive artworks addressing social, cultural, and political topics.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Although neither my mother nor father were artists, my artistic approach is profoundly shaped by their avid collecting and individual tastes. My father had a tightly defined area of interest—pre-Prohibition brewery advertising from St. Louis, Missouri—and very rarely strayed beyond it. He would judge pieces solely based on quality, disregarding any emotional influence. On the other hand, my mother had much more eclectic interests. Her less discerning approach resulted in scattered collections of everything from antique plastic animal toys, to southwestern kitsch. Like his mother, I can be drawn to new objects, without a clear idea of why the attraction exists or how the object will fit into the larger scheme of his work. Like his father, I at times take a step back to balance the emotional attraction with the bigger picture.

I am a self-taught artist with skills developed in classes at the Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Texas in Arlington, Kala Institute in Berkeley, and machine shop at the Crucible in Oakland. I taught myself how to weld, how to make urethane rubber molds and cast polyester resin. My wood and metal working skills come from spending most of my high school years in the industrial arts building instead of other classes. My influences are also as diverse, from Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Jaume Plensa to Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp.
21. Corviid http://www.deathvine.com
As Above So Below Acrylic & Oil on Board
Corviid is a non-binary, self-taught multimedia artist and performer with a surreal macabre aesthetic. They are a painter, illustrator, sculptor, fabricator, costume, jewelry, and fashion designer, installation artist, choreographer and performer. With an academic background in philosophy, ecology and evolutionary biology, their work is influenced by natural forms, the occult, scientific illustrative styles, and the contents of the subconscious. The work touches on metaphysics, existentialism, ritual, death and life cycles, sacred and symbolic geometry, duality & dialectical monism, and our relationship to both internal and external worlds.
22. Curtis M Wissler https://www.curtiswissler.art/shop-art
Nature for Pleasure Digital Collage
Curtis Wissler is a working artist making original contemporary art and prints influenced by pop culture, Dada, Surrealism, high and low art, DIY, technology, history, and everything in between.
23. damon powell http://www.damonpowelll.com
Ascension: Rise of the Buddha Nature Acrylic on canvas
Damon is an Artist and Mystic whose images reflect the myriad ways that Spirit is present within our world.
24. Dan McGarrah https://danmcgarah.com
EXHILIRATING Archival InkJet Print on Canvas
25. Dave Sylvester https://dksylvesterart.myportfolio.com
Nifari Playing Guitar Acrylic on canvas
Dave SK Sylvester, born and raised in Honolulu and San Diego said, “We are about diversity, acceptance, learning, and fun.” He added, ” Our goal is to bring artists, intellectuals and fun loving individuals together.” With over 20 years of experience in graphic design and illustration, Dave has a distinctive sense of developing eye-catching paintings and illustrations ranging from bizarre to distinctive character development. Creatures are everywhere for inspiration!
26. David Burke http://www.dburke.org
Cosmic Flower Bomb Acrylic & Aerosol on Concrete
David Burke is an Oakland based painter and muralist. He is currently an instructor at the Academy of Art University in SF. He is also the art director of the Super Heroes Mural Project in West Oakland and co-founder of the Autobody Bridge Program for emerging Bay Area artists.

27. Debi Ling http://astrangechildcreations.com
Tank Leia Illustration
Debi Ling proudly accepts her charming awkwardness, embraces the whimsically odd, and offers her inner demons unicorn sprinkled cupcakes whenever she can. She's currently working on creating an "adult" children's book, filled with an assortment of adorably creepy creatures and characters.
28. Deirdre https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=art%20by%20deirdre%20freeman
She Sings Inside Ink on Canvas
Deirdre Freeman is an Alameda Artist who strongly believes her Heartwork provokes joy and healing, and peace.
29. Delaney Henderson http://delaneyhenderson.artspan.com
Emergence oil on canvas
Delaney Henderson
Berkeley, CA
[email protected]
510 269 0936

Delaney Henderson has lived in Northern California most of her life and also spent time in Sedona, Arizona. She calls herself a symbolist painter and creates mid-sized oil paintings combining animals, people and landscapes into an assembled final image(s). Her work is personal and dreamlike, subjective and sometimes obscure, and has an illustrative quality. The final image is visualized beforehand, and worked up from reference sketches and photographs and may change while in progress.
30. Donna Barati http://donnabarati.com
Secret Garden Acrylic on canvas
31. Donna Branaman
Pelican Gaze Acrylic on Canvas
I have always had a desired to paint and knew one day I would be a painter. It wasn't until I retired from a corporate job that I started painting. After retirement in 2015, I transformed by home office into a painting studio and enrolled in an acrylic painting class to learn color and painting. I love painting. I find it meditative and enjoy seeing the canvas transform into something beautiful. My painting subjects include flowers, landscapes, ocean and dunes, sea life and birds. I especially love painting the Pelicans I watch on my walks at the Alameda shoreline.
32. Dories Maricel Arias
Vida Galactica Acrylic on Canvas
I am a passionate born artist from Guatemala Central America, and began doing art since I was able to hold pencils and crayons in my hands, with a particular interest in surrealism, abstract, mix media paintings using recycled and organic items like wooden crayons, moss, tree bark and dry plants, but one of my very favorites is charcoal drawings.
I enjoy capturing my own imagination through my art, whether my inspiration comes through colorful dreams as well as meeting amazing human beings and nature.
33. Erin crociani
The little Sister Egg tempra on wood
I'm just a girl who paints creepy stuff.
34. Heidi Brueckner http://heidibrueckner.com
Squatters Club, Cuba Oil on Recycled Bubble Paper
Heidi Brueckner is a Professor of Art at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA where she has taught painting, drawing, and design for over 20 years.

A native Californian, Brueckner studied at the University of Heidelberg and The Goethe Institute in Germany in the late 1980s. During this pivotal year, she visited the major museums of Europe and found herself heavily influenced artistically by 20th century German art.

Brueckner received a BA in Fine Art and a BA in Art History from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1991. She received an MFA in Painting from University of Kansas in 1997.

Professor Brueckner’s work has been shown at museums, galleries, colleges, and in publications nationally and internationally. She has received many awards and scholarships for her work.

In 2018, she published the book “Monsterbet”, a series of 26 oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings based on the format of a children’s alphabet book. The book is available for purchase at Etsy, Amazon, and at her website heidibrueckner.com.

Most recently, she was awarded 1st Place in the Italian art competition, Prisma International Art Prize, and 1st Place for the Faber Birren National Color Award, among others. Upcoming 2021-22 solo exhibitions include GearBox Gallery in Oakland, CA; Buckham Gallery in Flint, MI; Gallery 118, online; East Central College Art Gallery in Union, MO; and Abington Art Center in Jenkintown, PA.

She currently lives and works in Oakland, California.
35. Heidi Mortensen https://www.heidimortensenart.com/
Holding Cast resin, torched wood, and ash
Heidi Mortensen is a mixed media sculptor working in Alameda, California. Her detailed cast resin figures are combined with materials including wood, metal, concrete, fiber, and found objects. Using representational forms of women, wings, and other natural elements, she explores themes of identity, loss, and the tensions of internal conflict from a uniquely female perspective.
Mortensen received a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Hawaii before pursuing atelier training in figure sculpting at the Barcelona Academy of Art. Her work has recently been included in Artworks Northwest Biennial Exhibit at the Umpqua Valley Arts Association (Roseburg, OR), Unprecedented at Healdsburg Center for the Arts (Healdsburg, CA) and was awarded first place at Slice, A Juried Cross-Section of Regional Art by Pence Gallery (Davis CA).
36. J. Kelley Wheeler http://www.jkelleywheeler.com
Poseidon Soft pastel and colored pencil on cotton rag paper
Hello, I’m Kelley, an artist based in Oakland, CA. I hope my work brings you sustenance, joy, and a sense of hope.
Art nurtures me, whether it comes through me or others. I generally strive to portray both strength and vulnerability in the people I create. Most of my subjects are people, animals, and natural whimsy. The mediums I tend to use are colored pencils, soft pastels, and acrylic paint. I was born in Berkeley and spent my childhood first in the forests of northern Marin County and then in a small farm town outside of Seattle. My childhood surroundings were both beautiful and secluded. The trees, the ocean and our animals have been a lifelong influence on me. In fact, I have been surrounded by creative influences throughout my life. Drawing, painting, and craft making were a natural thing that everyone around me was doing. Making art was always a soothing, safe space for me, something entirely my own. I currently live in Oakland with my daughter, husband and 3 family cats. My family and my cats all serve as sources of inspiration for me.
37. James Swinson
Make Your Mark Mixed Media Collage: Acrylic paint, newspaper, fabric, photo transfers on panel.
James Swinson is a West Coast artist/musician living and working in LA and the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the use of color, size and scale, the use of words and text, photographic transfers, mixed media prints and works on canvas, wood, metal and other materials, he has created a vast, diverse body of work, spanning over the last three decades. Participating in many charitable events, he has contributed art pieces to Midnight Mission, Pro Arts, Creative Growth Art Auctions, Children’s Light, and the LA County Cultural Affairs Department. His paintings and mixed-media combines have appeared in a number of television and film productions including CSI: New York, Lost, Brothers & Sisters, Without a Trace, and Men of a Certain Age. Whether in the studio painting, writing, recording music, or performing, as an artist and musician, he has stayed true to his dream; writing songs like a storyteller, playing guitar with a hard driving rhythm, and painting like there’s no tomorrow.
38. Jane Yuen Corich
Climbing Over Golden Hills Acrylic Mixed Media
Jane started painting in 1980’s while I was a fashion design student in NYC while on an extended trip to the South of France. During her stay she created numerous canvases and was invited to show her works in a local gallery. This was the start of her love of painting. Returning to the states she had shows in independent NYC and Washington DC galleries before moving to California to do shoe design.

In California she continued painting, etching and fine art quilting as she raised a family. She pursued classes in oil painting in the classical style, completing a series of still life’s based paintings. She has exhibited these quilts and paintings throughout in the Bay Area.

Since 2000 working strictly in abstract with acrylic mixed mediums and oil with cold wax medium. Her work has been purchased and commissioned by private collectors throughout the country. She has shown her work in national and international juried art shows.

She resides in Walnut Creek, Ca. with her husband and has 2 grown children.

Awards- Flagler County Art League, Fl,3rd In Show, Bedford Gallery Ca- Gallery Prize, Fairfield Visual Arts-2nd Prize Acrylic Mixed Media, Solano Gallery 1st prize Fabric Arts,

Exhibiting member of the: Delta Gallery, Brentwood, Ca,
Asian America Woman Artist Association, East Bay Artist association, Lamorinda Artist Association.TPG

Jane Yuen Corich
Instagram- Janecorichlovestopaint

39. Janeen Heath https://www.peaceofmyart.com/
The Day After Mixed Media on Canvas
40. Jason Engelund https://jasonengelund.com/
Colors Photography and Painting, on wood.
Jason Engelund is a San Francisco Bay Area based visual artist. His artwork is held in the permanent collection of the Museum of Photographic Arts and many of his artworks are in private collections and have been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Engelund received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction at the California College of Arts and Crafts and received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Davis. In 2012 Engelund was awarded the Individual Artist grant from the Sustainable Arts Foundation. In 2016 he was nominated and selected as one of eleven photographic artists for the Museum of Photographic Arts triennial exhibition “Boundless: A California Invitational”.

In addition to visual art Engelund devotes time to writing and socially engaged arts. Engelund’s poetry has been reviewed as “sensory and subconscious language”, and his slow poetry, encourages deeper rumination promoting nuanced, authentic experience in readers. His handmade poetry and photo arts books have sold out through City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco and Skylight books L.A.

Engelund began his arts career developing strategic, sustainable arts programs that engage artists, organizations and communities to address social and humanitarian needs. He is a founding member of the California College of the Arts Center for Art and Public Life where he worked for eleven years developing programs for artists to collaborate with communities locally, and across the globe to address real world issues. In 2017 Engelund received a grant from Crayola for his program “Contemporary Voices in Arts Education” helping schools meet best practices in the arts education for all students.
41. Jaweed Metz https://www.metzgallery.com
Simply Radishing - Jean Shripmton Mixed media acrylic paint and spray paint on canvas
Jaweed Metz (a.k.a. “MugZ”) is a contemporary mixed media, graffiti-style pop artist and fine art photographer who credits growing up in the gritty British industrial city of Bradford, Yorkshire – the birthplace of renowned artist David Hockney – and time spent living in central London as early influences for his appreciation of an urban art aesthetic. His influences include Shepard Fairey, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and of course Banksy.

His contemporary style blends key elements in everyday life that he is passionate about, including black and white photography, politics, pop culture, music, street and graffiti art. His approach in creating art involves capturing, memorializing and transforming fleeting elements of the cultural, political, social, economic and musical zeitgeist of memorable periods throughout our history.

With his artistic expression, Jaweed is a visual architect, developing a journalistic news style narrative that weaves together random and somewhat unpredictable literal fragments found in the world around us. He also tries to evoke a sense of fun, parody and attitude in his art. His artistic style, iterative layered process results rich mixed media collage, transforming the fragments into a story. These textures are composed of elements of new and vintage street posters, advertising images, black and white anchor photo images and text on stretched canvas punctuated with bold, vibrant layers of acrylic and spray paint and a final layer of lacquer providing a glossy quality. Jaweed currently resides with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area. For further information about his art, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook
42. Jenna Countryman Mauro http://Trifoxatops.com
Outfit of the Day Ink on paper
Jenna Countryman Mauro is an artist and musician from Alameda. Her work is frequently animal-centric and focuses on emotional openness and validation. She is an east bay native and recent cancer survivor.
43. Jennifer Paz https://m.facebook.com/raticalresurrections
Down the Rabbit Hole Multi Media
Jennifer Paz is a zoologist and artist who is the director of a rodent rescue. She process all the animals that die in sanctuary with deremtis beetles and memorializes them in art.
44. Jeri Mersky
"Hell Fires" Photograph, single image ICM
45. Jessica Warren http://jessicawarren.net/
Swirly House Acrylic on Canvas
Jessica is a strong force in the local artistic and general community. As an advocate for local artists, she spearheads several regular cultural events in Alameda and donates hundreds of hours a year to local charitable organizations. She is an accomplished visual artist and runs a local art gallery, Studio 23 with her partner Wes. Jessica currently curates local art for multiple locations and coordinates dozens of art shows, classes, and workshops. She wrote, illustrated and published a popular children’s book, and has won numerous competitions and awards for her work. She also started the Creative Art Program in Atlanta that served at-risk kids.

Artistic background
Jessica works in a variety of media including acrylic paint, ink, markers, pencil, sculpture, paper mache, and murals.

Her work has been shown in numerous galleries and venues in the bay area. It has been featured in public art and local and national advertising campaigns.
46. Joel Gregory
Sky with Passage and Sky Colored pencil on paper
Joel Gregory is graphic designer and visual artist. They are the Design Director of California College of the Arts. Between 2013 and 2019 they were a Co-Founder of Timeless, Infinite Light, a small press that published queer / radical / experimental poetry.
47. Joseph Greeley http://www.modewartwork.com
My Heart Acrylic on Canvas
48. Judy Levit http://www.judylevit.com
Make Believe Acrylic on canvas
Judy Levit creates colorful, abstract paintings and collages using acrylic and found materials. She is drawn to the nonverbal, visual language of paint and the mysterious process of creating something from nothing. She thinks of her paintings as internal landscapes inspired by nature and her dreams.

Born in Texas and raised in Marin County, Levit began painting in her teens. While studying ceramics, painting and drawing, she became an elementary school teacher. During two years of teaching and living in Mexico, inspired by the colorful culture, she began to paint daily. After returning to Oakland, fascinated by psychology and the unconscious, she became a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, her roles as artist and therapist mutually enriching. In 2016, Levit retired from her therapy practice and has since devoted herself fulltime to painting. She now lives and works in Oakland and Pt Reyes Station with her husband and kitty Juliette.

Levit’s paintings are held in the Alameda County Art Collection and by private collectors in the United States. She has been represented by the SFMOMA Artists Gallery and featured in numerous solo and group shows in the San Francisco Bay Area including Pro Arts Gallery, MarinMOCA and Gearbox Gallery. Her work has been shown in fine art fairs in Las Vegas and Sante Fe and has appeared in such publications as Studio Visit Magazine, West Marin Review, and in 2021, Bay Area Artists and Fun Size, books to be published by Jen Tough Gallery.

49. Judy Threadgill
Untitled Collage
I began creating collage in 1965 using magazines, scissors, and paste. My art was interrupted for many years by family, work, and other responsibilities. In 2008, I began to develop my own style which features the juxtaposition of mundane articles with more whimsical objects.
I am unwilling to restrain my own vision or that of the viewer so I don't name my images. People amaze me by what they draw from my creations through their own imaginations.
My work has been on exhibit in several galleries in Oakland, Alameda, and San Francisco.
Judy Threadgill
50. Julia LaChica https://jlachica.art/
"The Changing Light" Acrylic on canvas
Oakland based visual artist, born and raised in San Francisco, California--Julia’s work includes industrial design, mixed media assemblage, object making, printmaking and painting.
51. Katie Connell http://katieconnellfineart.com
Barbs and Pampas Oil on Canvas
As an artist living on the California coast, I am inspired by the beauty of nature all around me. I am particularly interested in the ways nature “takes back” spaces that have been built up, then abandoned. I love the unique landscape of California, especially the oak woodlands of the central valley, the rocky coastlines, and native California poppies. I primarily paint in water soluble oils, and place an emphasis on movement in my style to portray the constantly shifting landscapes I see around me.
52. Kee Romano https://www.my-diina.com/keena
SOULidarity Sistahs spray paint on wood
Keena Azania Romano exercises her creative mind through the exploration of diverse artistic mediums as a way to engage and understand individual and collective purpose. Romano received her BFA from Pomona College then returned to her native Bay Area to pursue a career in the Arts. Her Murals can be spotted from Sacramento, California to Oaxaca, Mexico.
Inspired by cultural practices, Romano combines spirituality with urban experience to produce work that draws upon the quest for a greater understanding of intersectional beauty in this world. She fuses traditional native arts with contemporary inner-city techniques to reflect a new language that encourages the healing and empowerment process between community members and their environments. Her style is described as “vibrant and insightful”.
She aspires to travel and create a colorful trail of art by exploring the modern Diaspora based on her multi-ethnic experience.
53. Ken Gulley http://taisia4wixsite.com
#3 06-6-2013 Acrylic on canvas
Ken Gulley (1948 - 2013)

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ken moved to the Bay Area in 1972 after serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He was heavily involved in Oakland’s Upstairs Art Gallery in the ‘70s and ’80s and completed his MFA in Conceptual Design at SFSU, School of Creative Arts in 1991.

Ken called his paintings a “non-objective”, believing strongly that a painting was never meant to be representative. Most of his work was done in acrylic on canvas. He exhibited in local galleries and continued to develop his artistic concepts throughout his life, both in paintings and in his writings.

From 1999 to 2013 Ken worked as a docent in the USS Hornet Museum. He was also an integral part of their Education Department's Paranormal Program, leading groups in all-night explorations through the ship. A life-long seeker, Ken explored many dimensions and many concepts of reality.
54. Kevin Wiseman http://kevinwisemanart.com
Carbon Death Charcoal on paper
Kevin Wiseman was born and raised in the East Bay and currently resides in Alameda. He studied biology at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at U.C. Berkeley and worked in the California Academy of Science’s Department of Herpetology. He currently works as a Consulting Herpetologist. His charcoal drawings are inspired by natural history, music, the dark side of nature, morphology, the psychedelic experience, a bout with cerebral malaria, and the underwater world. To see more, visit kevinwisemanart.com or on Instagram: @wiseman_art.
55. Kimberly Johnson
Ja'Net Watercolor
I am an Oakland artist who believes that art exist to bring forth one’s internal beliefs and concepts. Finding ways to interpret one’s beliefs, concepts and ideas should never be limited to one medium. Each art piece creates an extension of love, fearlessness and a little trepidation. Trepidation that one’s concept might not be actualized in the complete form from the artiste’s mind’s eye. When a viewer stops to reflects on the images created it is important that they see a window that is open and inviting. The desire is that the viewer looks inside and walks away with a sense of the emotions that brought forth the creation.
56. Kirk Melton III
Audrey Chaise Pencil, Felt Tip, Marker
Kirkland Melton III has been devoted to drawing since he was 6 years old.
In high school, the pencil illustrations in his twin sister’s fashion magazines fascinated and inspired him. From that moment on, he honed his pencil drawing techniques which ultimately led to his skill today as a sought after portrait artist.
Evocative of film noir and classic style, his vision to create is guided by a love of striking and dramatic subjects and a love of style and fashion.
He credits his talent as a natural ability paired with enthusiasm for what he draws, and offers a nod to the one year of university study he completed in his native Detroit.
Kirkland is available for commissioned works. Please inquire about having him create a legacy piece for your collection or as a gift.
57. Leah Yael Levy http://Www.leahyaellevy.com
White Man MIxed Media
Leah Yael Levy is my full name, I prefer that you call me Yael. I am a mixed media artist, storyteller, printmaker and art teacher based in Berkeley, CA. I draw, paint, collage and write. I love playing with forms and format and mixing digital and tactile techniques. I believe the creative process to be its own reward and the act of making an incredible tool for healing and growing.

Born and raised in Israel, I first moved to New York City in 2002 to attend the Art Students League of New York, later I completed a BFA of Illustration from Parsons(2011). After four years doing design and illustrations for The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, I moved to California to pursue an MFA in Comics at CCA(2017).
58. Linda Forgues-Weinstock http://linda-weinstock.fineartamerica.com
San Francisco skyline from Alameda Acrylic on Canvas
Linda creates colorful, contemporary artwork using various techniques and mediums. She has been involved in the Alameda art community since 2009. Her “Alameda Our Town” collection and portraits of local homes tell the stories of the people and the community of Alameda through the lens of her photography, paintings and digital art. In addition to numerous public and gallery shows, her artwork can be found in the homes of both Alamedans and throughout the country and the globe.
59. Lisa Schoonover
Gemini Mixed Media
Lisa Schoonover is a professional mixed media artist, author, photographer, and illustrator presiding in Alameda. Her work has appeared locally and nationwide in both art studios and books on various subjects.
60. Littleton S Irby https://web.marcelforart.com/littletonsirby/.
Protesters Acrylic on Canvas
To be honest with this I think his work has a really unique sense of color that is for sure influenced by his cultural, racial and ethnic background I also think this series in particular lends to opening up about his joy for being gay and celebrating his life as a happy sexually well educated and well adjusted gay man from Long Island New York, relocating to the east bay. If you step back and look at his work in comparisons to other abstract expressionist his works are much more sophisticated they are new different and unlike most paintings you have seen which is a great compliment Littleton
this is for several reasons his work has a unique sense of color that is quite wonderful actually.
THey are better then that his work needs to be shown in fine art galleries.
Its time to show them something they have not seen before.
His work can do that, it can blow their heads off.
61. Maddie Aub http://artofmaddieaub.com
The Things Imagination Sees Acrylic on Canvas
My name is Maddie Aub and I am a traveling artist who believes art has the power to heal and connect us all. I draw the inspiration for my work from the adventures and people I encounter during my travels, as well as the thoughts and emotions triggered by the challenges of my nomadic life. Every painting and drawing I create helps me deepen my connection to others, myself, nature, and the Infinite. Thus, creating has become not just my greatest passion, but also a central part of my career aspirations. Currently, I am working towards my BFA in Illustration at CSU Long Beach and expanding my independent online art business.
62. Marianne Mccraney http://www.mariannemccraney.com
Free Delivery Water Color on Paper
Marianne McCraney is a Bay Area studio artist who works in mixed media as well as drawing and painting. Her subjects include ancestry, and our connection to nature, especially birds’ nests and pandemic life.

Currently she is working on two series. Presence consists of drawings and paintings that portray what she sees as the dignified presence of elders from all walks of life that are so often overlooked. This Side Up is a series of boxes delivered during the pandemic shut down. Her media are oil paint on canvas and graphite on paper.

Marianne McCraney received her BFA at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and her MFA from John F Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA. Her work has been shown at the Art Center Gallery in Pasadena CA, Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA, the Hollis Street Project, in Emeryville, CA, the Sonoma Art Center in Sonoma, CA, John F Kennedy University Gallery in Emeryville, CA, and O’Hanlon Cultural Center in Mill Valley, CA, Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, Ore, Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA, Gallery 110, Seattle, WA, Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac, Arizona
63. Marsha Balian http://www.marshabalian.com
"Stone's Throw" mixed media
Marsha Balian is obsessed with story and her work often has a strong narrative quality. She is self-taught and often invents her own techniques. Her work has been shown in many parts of the Bay Area, the United States and in several countries in Europe. It has been featured in a number of publications including the cover of the West Marin Review. She was the subject of an article in 2018 in the Oakland Magazine and was included in an international book on collage by women. She will be included in an exhibit next March in Formentera Spain.
64. Marybeth Soriano http://bymurry.com
Decolonize Your Mind Digital Illustration
Marybeth a first generation Filipino-American born and raised in Alameda. She utilizes her art to document her journey of self discovery through pre-colonial ancestry as a means to connect with herself. As she shares her journey and expresses herself through art, she hopes that others will connect with their own ancestral history to see their lives in a new perspective. She encourages you, the viewer, to learn, un-learn, and re-learn your knowledge to unite better in solidarity.
65. Matthew Felix Sun https://www.matthewfelixsun.com/
Wafting Oil on Canvas
Matthew Felix Sun grew up in Manchuria (northeast China), and has been perfecting his craft since childhood, when a visit to an exhibition of Italian Renaissance art cemented his passion for painting. After an education and brief career in the sciences, which enabled him to escape his repressive native country and relocate to the US, he started to pursue art more seriously, focusing on painting with oil and, more recently, water-based media. His portfolio embraces diverse subject matter; lately, his work evokes historical and social commentary on current environmental, social, and political conditions.

Sun’s work has been published by art and literary reviews including The Amistad, Artist Portfolio Magazine, Garo, Owen Wister Review, Pomona Valley Review, Shark Reef, The Sonder Review, Superstition Review, Wilde Magazine, and William and Mary Review.

Awards & recognition include an Honorable Mention in the juried "Fresh Works VII" exhibition presented by Harrington Gallery (Pleasanton, CA); multiple ArtSlant Prize Showcase Awards and inclusion on its Watch List; an Honorable Mention in an Artist Portfolio Magazine Landscape Contest, and its Editor's Choice Award.

Sun’s work has been featured in solo gallery exhibitions in the East Bay, as well as juried group shows and competitions in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, San Diego, Cincinnati, Berkeley, and other US cities.

His works are collected in the US, Canada, and China. His portfolio can be viewed at matthewfelixsun.com.
66. May Lo https://www.maymlo.com/
The Immaculate Mutation Acrylic & Metal Leaf On Wood
May was born in Los Angeles, California, to Chinese immigrants. Her family came to the Bay Area when she was about two and settled in Marin County. From there, she moved a dozen more times - jumping from school to school, adjusting to different neighborhoods, and making new friends along the way. Change became a constant, leaving a permanent impression on her approach to art. She finds endless inspiration in her natural surroundings and has a fondness for human anatomy. Her work has been featured at the de Young and SFMOMA museum stores in San Francisco, under the name TIMMY MAYS.
67. Megan Levine http://www.meganlevineart.com
Functioning in the Wind Watercolor Collage and Acrylic
Megan Levine has been developing her process of collage with hand painted paper since 2016. After the death of a friend inspired the making of a burnable memorial, she came out of that project ready to get her hands in glue as often as possible, and found her stride and expressive freedom in two dimensional collage.
Megan translates how she experiences events, relationships, and mental landscapes, from the crossroads of several identities, into a language of color and composition.
68. Michelle E Fillmore https://www.michellelizabeth-art.com/
Storms Pass Oil on canvas
I am a photorealist oil painter based in Oakland.
69. Miriam Infinger http://sites.google.com/view/miriaminfinger
Spring Has Arrived Soft Pastel on 400 Uart
As Aristotle observed, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” My art reveals thoughts and feelings often unspoken. It is an ongoing exploration of technique, medium and process that forces me to move forward into the unknown, although themes reoccur in my work – personal, social, environmental, religious and political.
70. Nancy Husari http://www.nancyhusari.com
Fish People direct watercolor
I have a broad definition of the word artist, and, as a result, my creativity includes many manifestations. I began with cartooning. I started making comics at such a young age that I can’t remember ever not doing it. In 1986 (as an adult), I got more seriously involved in cartooning, and I created a cartoon character whom I still use; my work was published for awhile in the Bay Guardian, and it was also published in the historic last edition of Wimmen’s Comix (Issue 17, 1991). In 2016, my work was included The Complete Wimmen’s Comix, which won an Eisner Award (the Oscars of comics) in 2017 for Best Archival Collection/Project. In the late 80s, when I sent my work to various editors, I was often told that my content was problematic because I included both the personal and the political and that I had to choose one or the other. Later, I was rewarded for mixing the personal and the political when I was asked to do cartoons for AFT2121’s Union Action at City College San Francisco. I won first and second place in the California Union Teachers Association multiple times between 1995 and 2017. In this context, it was impossible not to mix the political with the personal. I have been told that my cartoons helped morale during a very dark time for our college. In 2014, I was going through a bout of insomnia during which I would wake up at 4:30AM and do abstract ink drawings. I started scanning them in and adding Photoshop colors. An example in this genre (Consequently I Rejoice)is included in the publication, East Bay Artists, 2020.
In addition to my urban work, I have a deep commitment and connection to nature and the wildness of the natural world. I grew up backpacking and cross-country skiing in the Sierras. My father founded the snow camping section of the Sierra Club in the 1970s, and he also scouted and co-authored Thomas Winnett’s The Pacific Crest Trail Volume 1 in 1973. I accompanied him on these trips, and I learned to love nature. I also got involved in the fight to save the Headwaters Forest. I worked with a small group in my union; we presented a resolution to divest our pension funds from Maxxam Corporation. We were successful, and I learned how a small group of committed people can be very powerful in saving the natural world. I still commune with nature (as well as foreign urban landscapes) through my art. When the Pandemic hit in 2020, I spent a lot of time communing with nature on walks closer to home, as reflected in some of my watercolors. I also did a lot of ink/Photoshop autobiographical cartoon stories about what it was like to live through that unprecedented experience. My art, as well as a zoom art class I have been teaching on Sundays since March 30, 2020, saved me. Teaching those classes added to my skill set in terms of online teaching and teaching art, both of which are new to me.

71. Nathaniel J Bice http://njbice.com
The Campanile Gouache on Paper
Nathaniel J. Bice is a scenic designer, fine artist and craftsperson based in Berkeley. He has worked all around the Bay as a props artisan, scenic painter, and as an assistant to award winning set designer, Nina Ball. He is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to Seattle in 2014 where he graduated from Cornish College of the Arts Summa Cum Laude.

As a visual artist, he takes inspiration from his surroundings and makes gouache paintings on site exploring the architecture and environments of the Bay Area. His work is derived from the understanding that the human eye sees differently than a camera and the time spent physically in a space imbues the work with an irreplaceable sense of place. The city is filled with human intent; every brick was laid by someone and every inch of sidewalk has been trod hundreds of times in a single hour. In sitting to paint, NJ is given the opportunity to absorb and appreciate that investment, and to add some of his own.
72. Ngoc Nguyen
Stan Pencil with Procreate
From an early start, Ngoc has always been drawn to art and other creative endeavors. As a child he would trace super heroes and entertain himself with books of illustrated drawings; fascinated with both their creativity, but also in the technical detail. His passion led him to college where he majored in studio art with focus in painting and drawing. He enjoys the meditative and tedious nature of drawings while balancing this with paintings. As an artist, he enjoys doing portraiture. The intricacies of a portrait and impact of light on the planes of the face keeps him busy for endless hours, days, and beyond.
73. Nicholas Wadler http://nickwadler-photography.com
Cherry Moon Digital Photograph
I was born in San Mateo, California. I took a special interest in photography and got my first 35mm camera at 14. After learning the basics of black and white processing and printing in high school art classes, I polished my skills at the Pacific Northwest college of art and then Chabot Jr. college in Hayward. Finally I decided to make a career out of my photography and enrolled in the incredible photojournalism department at SFSU, where I received a BA in photojournalism. While I was in college, photography began to change. I can remember the first huge, clunkey, Kodak negative scanner SFSU purchased for the students. This was my first experience digitizing images and using Photoshop. Now digital cameras are the norm and my experience in school gave me an early start. I am proficient in film and digital photography.
74. nik caesar http://www.scary-art.com
Castle GreenSkulls acrylic on canvas
Nicolas has logged over 300 gallery shows and has sold over 3,000 works. His art has appeared in Scream 4, Batsh!t: The Movie and is a regular contributor to Freaky Magazine, zines, podcasts, prank call shows, cds, flyers, comix, energy drinks, and more! www.scary-art.com
75. Nyame
Hypnotized oil on canvas
Nyame O. Brown is a visual artist born in San Francisco, now living and working in the Bay area.

In March 2022 Nyame will be in a group exhibition at The Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. This Winter Nyame will be featured in the group exhibition Mothership:Voyage into Afrofuturism at the Oakland Museum of California. Currently Nyame’s work is featured in the group exhibition Drawing the Ghost curated by the Artist Robert Pruitt at the Koplin Del rio Gallery in Seattle. Last summer Nyame completed a 6 week residency at Headlands Center for Contemporary Art, working on his project “The Mapping of Aaron”-a model for radical Blackness.
” Recent accolades include2020 Tosa studio Award winner, Emerging Artist solo show at The Museum of The African Diaspora, Theaster Gates “Black Artist Retreat” in August. In February 2017 Nyame in collaboration with Carrie Mae Weems participated in the Symposium “The interrogation of Forms” -The Changing culture in America at the Park Ave. Armory in NYC.
The time in Omaha was spent working on his series “new Black Myths” and experimenting with cut paper and painting installation. Nyame combines pedagogy with studio practice in his work and was able to work with Bemis’s community partner “The Union” and work with the youth Art Club. The students created “Afrofuturist symbols that were incorporated into his work for a public exhibition the students and family’s attended.
The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation worked with Nyame to create a site-specific public art piece for display at the Foundation, he made a homage and double portrait of Malcolm X and the Artist Jack Whitten. Nyame participated for the second time in the International platform showcasing cutting-edge art form across the Black Diaspora-Prizm Art Fair 2017 in Miami held at Mana Contemporary“ he was part of a group show Curated by William Cordova “the transphysics we knew about….” Recent accolades include Emerging Artist solo show at The Museum of The African Diaspora, Prizm Art Fair 2016 curated by Mikhaile Solomon and William Cordova for Miami Art week, and attending Theaster Gates “Black Artist Retreat” in August. In February 2017 Nyame in collaboration with Carrie Mae Weems participated in the Symposium “The interrogation of Forms” -The Changing culture in America at the Park Ave. Armory in NYC.
Brown received his BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 1993, and MFA from Yale school of Art and Architecture in 1997.
Recently he completed The Joan Mitchell Center Artist in Residence program in New Orleans. He is the recipient of the Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors award “2003”, and The Richard Driehaus Foundation Individual Artist Award “2002”. Solo Exhibition at West Virginia University Museum August 2012 and another solo show In October of 2013 The Hearst Museum hosted a solo exhibition of his work “John Henry’s adventures in a Post Black world”. April 2013 he had a Solo exhibition at Saint Mary’s College of California in Gallery 160 “Notes from the Studio Afronauts “ New works in progress. Also in April group exhibition “Heroes and Villains” August The San Francisco public library hosted a group exhibition called ”Afrofuturism Envisioning the future 2070”. Solo exhibition Saint Mary’s College Gallery 160 “Notes from the Studio Afronauts “ New works in progress. Public lecture at Maryland Institute College of Art 2013
76. Paige Tashner https://www.purrpods.art/
Demure Le Purr Metal Sculpture
Paige Tashner
Richmond, CA

Demure Le Purr, 2021
Welded Mild Steel Rings, Galvanized and Powder Coated

Paige Tashner, native Oregonian, East Bay California transplant, Burning Man citizen and two-time Black Rock City Honoraria Grant recipient, has been sharing her sense of whimsy and quirkiness for several years.

Welded, sliced pipe form the curves and distinct outline of each cat’s pose. The Demure Le Purr cat sculptures are 1/3 scale of the original interactive sculptures, the Purr Pods, currently on exhibit at Point San Pablo Harbor in Richmond, CA.
77. Parul Naresh https://parulnaresh.wixsite.com/artwork
Yearning Pen and Ink Drawing with India ink wash on paper
Parul Naresh is a visual artist, educator, and an advocate of sustainable practices. She brings meditative approach to her work as she derives inspiration from nature and highlights its beauty and perseverance. Influenced by elements of nature, her ink drawings on paper produce organic forms and textures through a mark-making process that represents subject’s innate texture and her subconscious interpretations of walk in the woods. She often uses a wash of watercolors, India ink, or coffee, and enjoys experimenting with renewable resources. Each drawing has many layers of ink and marks with varying values of gray to create depth, narrates a story of her rendezvous with nature and mysterious ways it continues to inspire her.
Presently, she orchestrates her life between being a mother, wife, daughter, educator, artist and social entrepreneur. For more than a decade now, her volunteer work supports local Indian artisans to create slow and sustainable textiles. You may view and support her work in textile sustainability at https://www.weavesandwildflowers.com The profits from the sales goes back into the community thus helping in sustaining their livelihood while caring for planet Earth.
78. Peter Baczek https://www.baczekstudio.com
Diagonals Aquatint Etching
Peter Baczek received his BA in Art with a concentration in Printmaking from San Jose State University in 1970. Over the years he has been included in national and international print competitions, receiving numerous awards. He has participated in many group shows in galleries and museums, including the Berkeley Art Center, Triton Museum, Tokyo Art Museum, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Tucson Museum of Art and the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. He is in several permanent collections, including the Brooklyn and Tucson Museums of Art, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, The Turner Print Museum, and the Library of Congress. He is a member of the California Society of Printmakers, and The Boston Printmakers.
79. phillm http://www.phillm.art
the housewife film photography
phillm is a photographer, artist, and filmmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of his photography is shot on film using vintage cameras and processed and scanned by hand.
80. Rebecca Thompson
Clara - The Pink Parrot Digital Art
Rebecca is an Artist and Surface Pattern Designer who recently (re)discovered her zeal for art and design. She has worked in the corporate environment for too many years and after getting laid off during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic found her passion in creative and artistic endeavors. Although she has always been creative, expressing this side of herself through poetry and photography, she now knows that creating and sharing art is what she will do the rest of her life. She wonders why it took her so long but knows that sometimes you find things when you need them.

Rebecca loves walking through botanical gardens, neighborhoods and even sometimes parking lots finding beautiful flowers to photograph and use in her floral collages. The floral collages are made 100% from photos of flowers and other botanical elements Rebecca has photographed. She also nearly always uses the photo in its original colors.

She will be donating a percentage of proceeds from her art to animal rescue organizations including (but not limited to) Elephant sanctuaries, pet/farm animal rescues and organizations which are dedicated to protecting the oceans.
81. Rhianna Rose Hixon https://www.rhianna-rose.com
The Mountains Are Calling Acrylic on Canvas
Rhianna Rose is a contemporary landscape painter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an avid environmentalist, her vibrant paintings evoke a sense of wonder and admiration for the natural world. With 6 years of classical arts training and a B.A. in Environmental Studies and French, she draws inspiration from interdisciplinary sources, including the adventures of John Muir and the ecological ethics of Aldo Leopold. Her style is marked by sheet music collage, saturated colors, and bold compositions that emphasize the grandeur of nature. Through her paintings of the wild, Rhianna strives to capture the exhilarating feeling of wanderlust while also fostering a sense of solace from stress.
The art of Richard Ralph
83. Robert Graf http://instagram.com/muzzleburst
September 9, 2020 Photograph
Robert Graf is a Wisconsinite who transplanted to the Bay Area in 2010. His background in software engineering and computer graphics has led him to a career in the technology industry. Outside of regular full-time work, he is involved in a variety of other disciplines and activities including neon tube bending, sculpture design and fabrication, interactive media, electrical engineering, amateur radio, photography, massage therapy, mountain cycling, and pyrotechnics.
84. Ryan LaLonde http://www.ryanlalondeart.com
Blue Jay Among the Thorns Paper Collage (no paint)
Ryan is an illustrator, artist and designer. Having worked as a commercial creative design director for two decades, Ryan has refocused his unique vision in fine art creations that revolve around color, whimsy, juxtaposition and storytelling. Ryan works only in found paper and objects to create beautiful pieces that range from natural landscapes, wildlife, floral and abstract organic patterns to detailed collaged portraits of historical figures and celebrities.

Ryan’s work is a reflection of his love and passion for color, nature and storytelling. His work is paper and found object mixed media collages and involves no paint. Every finished piece tells a unique story and typically take months of collecting color swatches from books and magazine, in order to be arranged to create the tones and hues.

Ryan’s work has shown at juried shows at the Zolla/Lieberman Gallery in Chicago, Studio 23 in Alameda, CA, Old Courthouse Arts Center in Woodstock, IL, the Elephant Room Gallary at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago and the Wausau Center for the Visual Arts where he won an honorable mention for his work.

Ryan grew up on his family farm in Standish, Michigan and honed his art at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design with a BFA in 1997. Ryan lives in Alameda, CA and is lovingly supported and inspired by his family - husband Chris and son Farber.
85. S. Newman http://www.newmanesque.net
Half Court oil on canvas
I have been represented by the San Francisco M.O.M.A Artist Gallery since 1996. Private collectors throughout Norway, France, Germany, England and Tibet have purchased selected paintings. My greatest joy is to share. My objective is to embrace the viewer by selecting subjects that portray the common denominators between people; to use art as a means of unification. To reach people is to feel their souls. That is my goal as a painter.
86. Sandra Wong Orloff https://sandrawongorloff.com/
Fasho Ink and Watercolor on Paper
87. Sara Edge http://www.sedgeart.com
I'll Miss You Watercolor
Sara has always had a love of nature which is reflected in her artwork. She specializes in sculpting unique wearable art, as well as creating watercolor and acrylic paintings. She focuses her art “on the wildlife that she loves in hopes that it will inspire others to appreciate this planet and do what they can to protect it.” Dr. Edge also holds Ph.D.’s in Environmental Biology and Biochemistry and is co-owner and curator of 3Dot Art Gallery in Alameda, CA with her partner, Dave Sylvester.
88. Shah Rasheed (Turner) https://www.linkedin.com/in/shah-rasheed-68086865/
Taco Cat Acrylic on Paper
i spend my time on drawing, painting, design, research, and music production. my inspiration is Jean-Michel Basquiat, Idris Habib, & Nina Simone. I'm fond of digital collage art styles & afro-futurism.
89. Terrie Schultz https://www.terrie-schultz.com/
Dryads Acrylic on Canvas
Terrie Schultz is a writer and visual artist who explores external and internal landscapes, both realistic and imaginary.
90. TheArthur Wright http://thearthurwright.net
Born in Little Rock, AR, 1940, raised in Seattle WA for most of my schooling and moved to the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area in 1965. I began writing and painting in the late 60s, selling almost immediately both of the two art products before concentrating mostly on the fine arts side of creativity while mixing the two disciplines whenever things worked out. my work is now in many parts of the world though I wouldn't mind being in more countries.
91. Tim Walters
Can't Get There From Here Photography
Tim Walters grew up in a peripatetic military family, and lived in Okinawa, England, and Germany, as well as many locations in the United States, before making his home in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been making photographs, computer art and music for over thirty years. His work in all media is informed by his lifelong love of science fiction, fantasy, and the surreal, and straddles the boundaries between abstract and concrete, dreaming and waking, intuitive and rational, familiar and strange. He received a M.F.A. degree from Mills College in 1995.
92. Todd Hallenbeck https://www.instagram.com/pretty__fishy/
Canned Sardines, 2019 Acrylic on Canvas
Todd Hallenbeck is a marine scientist living in Alameda, CA. His work is inspired by the creatures and colors of the Pacific Ocean and styled with the sharp contrasts of stencil based graffiti art. Currently, he plans for and analyzes sustainable development and habitat restoration projects in the San Francisco Bay. He paints to increase awareness of the beauty and bounty of our coastal oceans.
93. Vera Tour http://www.veratourart.com
Samadhi Acrylic on Canvas
My journey is no different than any other person's journey, I would think. Or  rather, any other somewhat aware and thinking human being that is constantly looking for answers, soul searching and trying to build a legacy of living happily, lovingly, and with dignity for the time being that is allowed on this physical plane.
I was born and raised in Soviet Union, Moscow region to be exact, where my whole family still resides. As a curious and wondering spirit, I moved to the United States at the end of year 2000, thinking that if things don't work out I could always move back. Well, I haven't. Yet. Hopping, floating and at times stumbling through life's experiences, I after all ended up in California, and eventually in the Bay Area. That is where my art started around the age of 26.  
For years I didn't take it seriously and treated it as a hobby. But time has passed and, alas, I cant think of doing anything else for the rest of my life. It has been shown around at local shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries. I curated many exhibits myself throughout the years but prefer actually create to the hustle-bustle of curating. 
 So welcome, stranger, to the  weird wacky spiritual philosophical world of Vera Tour's Art. Enjoy!
94. Victor Mavedzenge http://www.mavedzenge.com
Meditation Oil on Canvas
Artist’s statement – “I am foremost a painter, and consider drawing and painting to be a foundation of visual art. I also work in mixed media, performance and new media. I come from Zimbabwe, a socially and politically charged country. My work engages the philosophical idea of the “human condition”, with respect to individuals and as part of a larger whole, for example, a community or country. In particular, my work explores how the human condition is influenced by censorship and oppression in their various forms. Personally affected by the political, economic and social mismanagement of my home country, I have worked by necessity in an abstract style which is intentionally ambiguous yet deeply expressive.”
95. Wesley Edward Warren https://www.wesleywarren.com
Dinner Party Acrylic on Canvas
Cybernetic alien human hybrid robot from the future. Co-owner Studio 23 Gallery. Acrylic painter.
96. William Ulrich http://ulrichfineart.com
Leslie's Complaint Mixed media on panel
After college in Ohio, a three month study of painting, drawing and art history in Paris, France made me determined to be an artist. After Paris, I moved to San Francisco. 1998 finds me with two pieces in the collection of the Museu de L’Erotica (Barcelona, Spain). My work is initially fueled by depression; making something beautiful of my shadows. Living with schizophrenia, I’m drawn to dark, rich colors that run through my work. I create work from a gay point of view, which needs a voice now more than ever. I’ve maintained a presence in San Francisco with shows at The Harvey Milk Photo Center (2019 and 2020) although I now live in Oakland.
97. Ximena Rendón http://www.ximenarendon.com
Incantation Oil on aluminum panel
Ximena Rendón was born in Mexico City, moving in 2007 to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University, from which she obtained both a BFA and an MFA in painting. She renders highly realistic, often figurative images that explore both mortality and the subconscious, blurring the line between what we see and what we dream. Her still lives are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with classical—and occasionally more contemporary—art history through her extended exploration of vanitas and its rich thematic overlap with the tradition of Day of the Dead altars in Mexico.
98. yelena karanovich http://www.mutopea.com
Happy Valentine Day watercolor on paper
Yelena began her involvement with the world of art at the Art School for Gifted Children in Kharkov, Ukraine. She immigrated to the United States with her family in early 90s and received an Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Laney College in Oakland, CA. Yelena has continued to broaden her artistic knowledge and expertise through local classes and self-study. She completed her BA degree in Art with Cum Laude at the San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA).
Yelena’s work can be found in private collections in Europe and the United States. Her emphasis to date has been in watercolor and mixed media, but she also enjoys other avenues of expression, and is planning to place more emphasis on oil painting and graphic illustration. She has worked with a broad range of subject matter accented by portraiture, floral and decorative elements. A few years ago Yelena has created a series called "Mutopea."
"Mutopea" is a fantasy world which occupants, Mutopeans, peacefully coexist with each other and other species. The main premise of Mutopea is that all the creatures are different: each individual is unique in appearance and character. Fat or skinny, tall or short, scales or fins, wrinkles or balloons – everything is acceptable as long as you treat each other with respect and dignity. The "Mutopea" characters were created using black pen and enhanced in Adobe Photoshop by using Color Replacement Tool.
99. Yolanda Cotton Turner http://CottonTurner.com
Frida Linocut
Yolanda attended California State University, Hayward
(1988) to study music, and there, she was introduced to
lithography where she instantly fell in love with the
laborious, mind-bending, and magnificently serendipitous
processes of fine art printmaking. She had the
opportunity to study under the renowned Tamarind
master Kenjilo Nanao and monoprint expert Linda
Goodman. In 2013, after raising her family and moving
back to her hometown of Oakland, CA, she found
Bernadette Martinez at Artery Press who nurtured her
re-acquaintance with the medium.
Yolanda’s current focus is in relief and lithographic
printmaking. Experimental by nature, she keeps her
methods fresh while still giving respect to the more
traditional processes. Her subject commonly focuses on
Oakland urban culture, our kindred power within nature,
the magic in music, the human experience, and other
social, spiritual, and environmental inspirations. Yolanda
uses plexiglass, wood, lino, and nature itself as a printing
plate, printing onto handmade paper, mulberry, or cotton
rag, or natural fabrics. She personally executes all the
steps involved in the printmaking process, from
developing the image, gouging, inking, and pulling the
print by hand utilizing a Griffin etching press.
Yolanda’s work has earned a spot on the walls of the de
Young Museum in San Francisco, Ca. as well as many
other notable galleries. She can be found working away inside Resistance Press 510, Oakland, California and via her website cottonturner.com
100. Yolanda Patton https://www.personallypaintedbythasun.com
Emotions…Ying and Yang of Beauty Acrylic on canvas
Yolanda Patton

My canvas is Life, so that could be anything from cotton, wood, tile or leather to name a few.
I use acrylics as my medium and find myself adding different textures such as rocks, metal and anything that allows my imagination to flow. I do custom pieces based on your wish and my vision. You will also find my art on my greeting card line and my bold beautiful earrings.

I was born in a Oakland California. I found a love for Art at a very young age. While attending college at CSULB, I found my voice. That voice was expressed through painting, poetry and singing. Once I moved back to Oakland I continue to express my love of art and had the pleasure of performing my words all over the Bay.
Throughout this love of art in transition, I always had a sketch pad full of imagination. I have been vending and selling my art for over five years. Three years ago I was challenged by some artist I idolize to step out of my comfort zone and I did. I have shown art over a dozen places and sold quite a few pieces. I have even started my own greeting card line.
I am at the beginning of my life in art with many more accolades to come. My vision is to show everyone what they need when they need it through my art. While I am letting every woman know, They are Perfectly Flawed!
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