East Bay Artists 2020 Limited Edition Book
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1. Aaron Eminger https://www.etsy.com/shop/AaronEmingerArtist
Fine Artist Watercolors/ 12" x 16"
I'm a watercolor artist who paints urban streetscapes, landscapes, and landmarks of the Bay Area and beyond. I'm drawn to visual scenes that invite people to enter them and weave their own stories, memories, and fantasies. My perspective began in childhood, when I'd often gaze down unfamiliar streets as far as I could see. With a sense of wonder, I'd imagine what those scenes might look and feel like if I could enter them. From ages ten to twelve, I took lessons in classical watercolor technique from a professional artist who was trained in France and Germany. She saw a lot of potential in my watercolors, but I was more drawn to oil painting at the time. Over the years, I’ve gradually learned how to make watercolors into the medium I envisioned, not to imitate a traditional style. I’ve developed layering techniques that resemble the rich colors and contrast that appealed to me as a boy. In a style that flows between Realism and Impressionism, I use a dry-brush technique to bring out fine textures and depths of color, light, and shadow. Mastering my craft gives me the freedom to enhance the emotional aspects of a scene while maintaining high standards. As I evolved artistically, it became more important to express mystery, drama, joy, and well-being than to dazzle viewers with technical skills. My goal is to share what inspired me to render that particular scene in watercolors. My creative process crystalizes into images that have a translucent quality without crossing into the realm of fantasy. Like a visual symphony, all the elements in each section of the painting—composition, color, contrast, texture, and detail—must be balanced for a harmonious effect that transports viewers somewhere else.
2. Alana Dill http://www.youbecomeart.com
Last Unicorn Bodypainting Photo Matt Haber www.matthaber.com;; Bodypaint on Live Model @sveet.cheeks; www.sveetcheeks.com
"Last Unicorn" is based on the Peter S. Beagle novel. Alana Dill has been a professional artist for decades, focusing on body art since 2007. For fine art and conceptual images, she has periodically collaborated with a number of great photographers, including Matt Haber (https://matthaber.com/). Model: Sveet (https://www.sveetcheeks.com/)
3. amy Brownson http://amybrownson.com
Blue One textile/ 8 feet x 6 feet
Amy Brownson is a California based artist using fabric to construct textile works. Her current pieces embrace the texture and beauty of remnants and damaged goods from the knitting mills in Los Angeles.

Amy began creating in childhood, winning a national sewing award at age 12. She apprenticed abroad and in the United States, restoring antique textiles, studying woodworking, and designing and fabricating couture and ready-to-wear fashion. She returned west, continuing to practice her skills while designing and building costumes and sets for film and video. In Los Angeles, Amy started “painting with fabric,” turning the strips and fastening them in place. She relocated back home to the Bay Area in 2018 to create art full time.

Amy has exhibited at the Palm Springs Modernism Show, the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show, and Gallery DeRoche. Her work is in East Bay Artists 2020 published by ArtPush. She received installation commissions for the Saks Fifth Avenue catalog, and from the City of Los Angeles, premiering at The Orpheum and Eastern Columbia Building.
4. Amy Tanathorn https://pixels.com/profiles/amy-tanathorn
Offering Acrylic / 18x24"
Amy Tanathorn is a Bay Area artist who paints well-being, peace and happiness. Using acrylic paints as her medium, she also incorporates other materials from origami papers to tea bag papers into her works, creating unexpected textures and visuals.
5. Andrew Dussault https://artquarter.com/@dussault
How I will most likely die Ink + Digital
Andrew is an amateur cartoonist who likes to go by his last name, Dussault, so he can feel more pretentious. When not drawing or working he spends his time watching his plants grasp for life and wondering if he's responsible enough to get a dog. Also Youtube. Lots of Youtube.
6. Annamarta Dostourian http://annamartadostourian.blogspot.com/
can·o·py,(Cosmic Bazaar)', 6'x3'x4'
Born in Worcester, MA, Annamarta Dostourian was raised by four grandparents who were survivors of the Armenian Genocide, a father with passions for art, engineering and spirituality, and a vibrant entrepreneurial mother who guided the family through a lifestyle of international travels with a focus on their homeland Armenia. As a young adult, Dostourian activated her fight for justice through political activism, fueled a compassion for her grandparent’s personal experiences. Her imbedded love for travel primed her for several influential trips throughout India, Mexico and Europe. The foundational awareness of spirituality she gained from her time in various parts of India and Mexico along with her personal navigations of centuries of western art throughout Europe nurtured her political activism and art practice as an adult.

Dostourian began her current investigations as an artist at an early age at the Worcester Art Museum at the age of nine and completed her undergraduate education closer to home back in Massachusetts at Clark University, earning at degree in psychology and art in 1984. During these years she also studied in England at University of Sussex. In 1990, she came out west enrolling at the San Francisco Art Institute where she worked with Richard Berger and John Roloff in the sculpture and installation departments for two years. Eager to commence her own art practice outside of being a full-time student, Dostourian worked independently taking select classes at SFSU with sculptor Leonard Hunter while immersing herself in the Bay Area art scene. In 1999, Hunter introduced Dostourian to SOMArts curator René Yañez invited her to participate in her first of 10 annual Day of the Dead installations at SOMArts.

Since then her work has also been exhibited at Abrams Claghorn Gallery, 5 Claude Lane Gallery, Mina Dresden Gallery, Berkeley Art Center, Creative Growth Art Center, and O’Hanlon Art Center. In 2011, her work was included in California Finale Juried Exhibition through RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation in collaboration with 5 Claude Lane Gallery and Bombay Sapphire. Since 2011, Dostourian’s wearable sculptures have been exhibited at four-annual Hot Couture Fashion/Art Event at Crucible Art Gallery in Oakland and filmed by Oliver De Lantsheer (Billboard Magazine, Supernatural Factory) in his film Vicarious Reality created for 2016 Film Fashion Award by Nick Knight in London, England. Her works have been noted in San Francisco Chronicle Style Section, Fuse Magazine, CounterPULSE Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times amongst others and recognized by Alan Bamberger of Artbusiness.com in 2007 and 2011.

Dostourian lives and maintains her studio practice in Berkeley, CA.
7. Arianna Siegel http://ariannasiegelart.weebly.com
Reigning Clowns Digital collage/10"x14"
I am a San Francisco Bay Area artist, living in Alameda. I have worked in various mediums, including oil/acrylic painting, stained glass, photography, graphite drawing, and for the last 5 or so years, primarily digital art. My work can be described as "magical realism" where I draw from dreams, myths fantasy and the surreal world around us to create strange new worlds. I am also an oracle deck creator (similar to tarot), and so far have released nine self-published decks with another on the way.
8. Barbara Rockhold http://www.tomatogurl.com
Erotix Mandala Acrylic/20"x20"
Barbara Rockhold’s educational background is in the fields of art and psychology, and she loves to combine these two interests in her work. She hopes to convey a sense of mystery and awe in the world around us through her subject matter. She values the nature of paradox, and as such, finds no conflict in working in a variety of styles such as realism and psychological surrealism.

Barbara resides in El Cerrito, CA. She grew up in a small town in the midwest. Her grandmother was a locally well-known Texas painter and Barbara painted her first painting at the age of six while visiting her grandmother. Since then, she has been involved in a constant stream of creative pursuits.

She has been co-owner of a graphic design business, a graphics instructor and designer at Contra Costa College and an ad designer at The Daily Californian, as well as conducting art therapy groups at two locked psychiatric facilities. She believes in the value of art as a spiritual healing process and is inspired by artists who have shared their souls with us through their art, such as Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe and Surrealist artist Magritte.

Working mostly in the medium of acrylics, Barbara has also works occasionally in watercolors, oils, and mixed media. She has shown in numerous galleries in the bay area and was pleased to be juried into an exhibit of the Santa Fe Alchemical Society Art Salon. She has served in a variety of positions in the El Cerrito Art Association and led a weekly speaker series at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley for several years. She is currently an active member at the Alameda Art Gallery and her work can be seen there.
9. Barry Tribuzio
psychonautidelia acrylic 25x25
I started as a kid, obsessively drawing pages filled with cyclops bats and eventually star wars inspired designs along with vaughn bode style creatures and went from there. I am self taught as an artist and found acrylic to be my main painting medium...always tempted by oils but the curing and chemicals still hold me back. Symbolism, Art Nouveau and modern artists such as yoshitaka amano and jean giraud moebius continue to inspire.
10. Bill Sala http://www.williamsala.com
Napoleon at Waterloo oil on canvas, 18" x 24"

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be an artist, but being born during the Depression, the odds were against me. Buying art supplies or paying for lessons were out of the question because most of the money earned went for food and a roof over our heads.

During World War II there was another setback when my father was injured while working at the shipyard and suffered with this injury throughout the war years. My mother had to work to keep the household going so that really put an end to my thoughts of going to an art school.

My dad had been an auto mechanic and I found that this line of work came easy for me, so after graduating from High School I went into that same line of work. On my first job, I worked the swing shift and had a lot of free time during the day. Since I still wanted to be an artist and had some time available, I bought a paint set and taught myself how to paint. I was not pleased with my progress but could not enroll in an art school so I took a home correspondence course in Commercial Art, I will have to admit that this is a hard way to learn but I did complete the course.

I was confident that I would not be able to find employment as an artist and make as much money as I was making in construction, so I continued my construction job and painted after work and on weekends. I entered many art shows during the next several years and won numerous awards. My artwork was also on display in a few galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

During the 1970s the demands of my job increased and the time I spent painting decreased dramatically. I felt at the time that it was unfair to the galleries showing my art to continue since I could not supply them with new work. I removed all my paintings from the galleries.

During the last 15 years of employment I continued to paint but did not show any work except for a few select art shows. Nineteen years ago I decided to take an early retirement. I really do not like to use the work "retirement" because now I feel that I have started a new career. In fact, now that I am painting full time I am working more hours and harder than when I worked in construction.
11. Bill Silveira
Willie-rails Automania
A dyed in the wool curmudgeon from the other side of the tracks who likes to play with scraps of what other people throw away.
12. Bill Weber a.k.a. El Gallo http://ElGalloSurrealist.com
Bus Stop oil on panel 24"x36"
Bill has been painting surreal art since 1969. He has exhibited in SF MOMA, Oakland Museum, and the Cornish Colony Museum in Windsor, Vermont. He has also painted many murals, including a number in San
Francisco and the Bay Area.
13. Bonnie Boller http://www.bonnieclayart.com
Returning Encaustic
Bonnie Randall Boller

I am an artist in Pottery, Printmaking, Clay Monotype and Mixed Media Encaustic. For me, art is about the process more than the finished product.

I have focused on my personal transformation and transitions where the world is seen intimately, as if seeing through a magnifying glass. Details are seen as compositions with intensity of color and simplicity of form. The Abstract Expressionists have greatly influenced my personal style. When I get out of my way and let my higher power guide me, my art speaks from my subconscious self.

14. Brian Clarke http://www.LesToil.net
Lunar Synthesis Oil paint on wood board 36" x 48"
I was born and raised in Berkeley California and presently live in Oakland. Ever since I was able to hold a crayon I've been creating art with the sole intent of never stopping. Fortunately I've been successful achieving that.
15. Brittany Bradley http://www.brittanyrosebradley.com
Strong, Powerful, Beautiful NitrateFox
Britt Bradley is an emerging photographer and an established art professional. Although trained in several photographic processes, her preferred medium is Wet Plate Collodion. Bradley has been featured in several group exhibitions including those organized by the San Francisco Arts Commission, Center for Photographic Arts, Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, and Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

Having worked as a Collection Registrar for art institutions including the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, the Oakland Museum of California, and currently the Hawthorne Gallery, Bradley has had the opportunity to work with collections from some of the world’s most renowned photographers and artists. She studied at Sacramento State University with Nigel Poor and Douglas Dertinger and received a bachelor's degree in photography, and later went on to learn wet plate collodion from France Scully Osterman in Rochester, New York. Bradley’s work most often makes use of the 19th-century process of wet plate collodion.

"Most of collodion, both modern and historical, is a perpetual representation of the white male gaze. A perspective that has not truly shifted since the medium's conception over 150 years ago. I am interested in how a medium that has continually been used to exploit marginalized voices, could instead be adapted to amplify and empower. I’m looking to make the images that were missing from the version of history I was presented in school." In ethereal portraits of everyday California, Bradley alludes to darker and more serious themes that saturate the California landscape and its history.
16. Carolina Tapia
Head Garden 2 Acrylics & glitter on canvas, 14x11 inches
DRIP PAINTINGS by Carolina Tapia-Urzua "Drip painting is a form of abstract art in which PAINT is dripped or poured on to the canvas". I’ve been interested in this particular form of expression since I learned about the work of mid-twentieth century artist Jackson Pollock. Pollock largely originated drip painting and used this form of painting almost exclusively. He would make use of such unconventional tools as sticks, hardened brushes and even basting syringes. His style has fascinated me since I was 20 years old. I particularly like liquid acrylics, which I will drip directly from the tube onto plexiglass which I use as my ‘canvas.' The plexiglass allows me to paint both sides of the surface, creating a 3D effect that adds more depth to the art piece. My inspiration comes from colors, shapes, nature, thoughts, dreams, emotions and especially movement around me inspired by the ocean and by city life. As a native of Chile I’ve been making my home in California half of my life now. The Pacific Ocean is my main connection between these two dearly loved places.
17. Carolynn Haydu http://Carolynnhaydu.com
The One Who Knows 57" x 42" Graphite, Watercolor and Acrylic paper
Local artist working in West Oakland. BA from UC Berkeley, masters from NYU
18. Cheryl Harawitz http://www.Backstreet-studio.com
Elephants Watercolor, 22s x 30ins
Cheryl Harawitz is a Canadian born self taught artist and author. 'When the Magpie Calls, is her debut novel She has been living in Alameda with her husband Howard since 2010. www.cherylharawitz.com
19. Chris Granillo http://Www.chrisgranilloart.com
Tuscan Spray paint 30ftx12ft
The Heron Mural located at private mail box in Oakland,Ca
20. Chris Isner http://isnervision.com
Vine of the Dead Wood, 28" x 16" x 3"
Jungle visions swarmed as I sat gaping goggle-eyed, vomit drool hanging from my lip, the maestro blasting my mind apart with his song no longer a man but an enormous serpentine undulation studded with a thousand kaleidoscopic eyes!

"Show me what to do with my life," I said, having been told that snakes will do our bidding. A vision then unfolded of dark hands from a distant past using a primordial technique to form a wooden bowl.

So, that's what I do. I had never carved wood before. Master plants have voices and they speak through my hands of things I glimpse but cannot fathom.
21. Christina Spiegel https://likeallofyou,com
comtact carbs digital drawing/8x8 canvas print
Christina Spiegel is Likeallofyou. That's really all you need to know.
22. Christine Mae Rossi http://ChristineRossiArt.com
Two Ravens-HiddenSymbols Diptych Encaustic handmade paper oils on panels
Christine creates paintings of birds, horses, humans and natural phenomenon that are not always exclusive from each other. Subjects range from mythology to the environment with inspiration drawn from literature, as well as personal process and interactions with the seen and unseen which can sometimes border on abstraction .
Christine lives in Berkeley, California with her family and her menagerie.
23. Christopher T Braun https://chritobraunfineart.com
Go West #2, 2020 Pigmented Resin on Aluminum
Alameda-based artist
24. Corviid http://www.deathvine.com
Contemplations on the Void Oil on masonite / 2ft w x 4ft h
Corviid is a non-binary, self-taught multimedia artist and performer with a surreal macabre aesthetic. They are a painter, illustrator, sculptor, fabricator, costume, jewelry, and fashion designer, installation artist, choreographer and performer. With an academic background in philosophy, ecology and evolutionary biology, their work is influenced by natural forms, the occult, scientific illustrative styles, and the contents of the subconscious. The work touches on metaphysics, existentialism, ritual, death and life cycles, sacred and symbolic geometry, duality & dialectical monism, and our relationship to both internal and external worlds.
25. damon powell http://www.damonpowelll.com
Standing BackBend: Anuvittasana Watercolor / 16 x 20
Damon is an artist/writer/mystic whose mission is to give divine light form through the creation of images that depict the myriad ways that Spirit expresses itself within our world.
26. Dave Sylvester https://dksylvesterart.myportfolio.com
Bunny Tick Acrylic / 24" x 18"
Dave SK Sylvester, born and raised in Honolulu and San Diego said, “We are about diversity, acceptance, learning, and fun.” He added, ” Our goal is to bring artists, intellectuals and fun loving individuals together.” With over 20 years of experience in graphic design and illustration, Dave has a distinctive sense of developing eye-catching paintings and illustrations ranging from bizarre to distinctive character development. Creatures are everywhere for inspiration!
27. David Burke http://www.dburke.org
Mined Matters Map Acrylic in on Panel/ 36" x 48"
David Burke is an Oakland based painter and educator whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. He is currently an instructor at the Academy of Art University in SF. He is also the art director of the Super Heroes Mural Project in West Oakland and co-founder of the Autobody Bridge Program for emerging Bay Area artists. In 2015 he was part of the flagship American Arts Incubator program that sends artists abroad to collaborate with youth and underserved populations on community-based new media and mural art projects that bolster local economies, influence public policy, and further social innovation. David has worked with the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), the Alameda County Arts Commission and other local agencies to create community driven public artworks.

28. Debi Ling http://astrangechildcreations.com
Sunbathing Digital Collage
Debi Ling proudly accepts her charming awkwardness, embraces the whimsically odd, and offers her inner demons unicorn sprinkled cupcakes whenever she can. She's currently working on creating an "adult" children's book based on her self love character Little Miss Strange so that she might one day finally achieve her dream of scaring the "straights".
29. Deirdre
Perpetual Motion 16 by 20
Deirdre Freeman is an Alameda Artist who believes her art provokes joy and healing in its spectators.
30. Diego Rios http://diegomarcialrios.com
Border Land Demon 16" x 20" acrylics on canvas
Diego Marcial Rios lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and paints in acrylics. He graduated with honors with an M.A./M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Fine Arts Graduate School and a B.F.A. from University of California at Berkeley. Diego has a C.L.P. from the University of San Francisco. He received a number of fellowships for his Academic study. His artwork illustrates many complex social-economic issues faced by contemporary society.
Diego Marcial Rios' fine art has been included in more than 500 exhibitions from Japan to Bulgaria. He is in a number of Museum Collections: The Auchenbach Foundation Collection at the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, Oregon; Laguna Beach Museum, Laguna Beach, CA.; Museo National De La Estampa, Mexico City, Mexico, etc..
He has also illustrated a number of books and his work is part of a number of Public Collections: Harriet Taubman Gallery, MD; Mission Cultural Center, SF; Irish Arts Council, Belfast, Ireland and many more. He has appeared as a speaker on Art and been interviewed on Television and Radio. His artwork has been included in many magazines. Diego has been a recent guest speaker at UC Merced, St. Mary’s College, San Jose State University, De Anza College.
31. Dylan
Blue Path Acrylic
32. Erin crociani
Frankenhooker Pastels on paper/ 24x32
I'm just a girl who paints creepy stuff.
33. Felicia Ann http://feliciaann.com
Love, Frida Digital Painting
Felicia is a Malaysian artist living and working in the Bay Area, with a deep love for modern portraiture, science and graphic design.
34. Fishy Art https://www.instagram.com/pretty__fishy/
Three Rockfish Acryllic on Canvas, 24"x36"
Todd Hallenbeck is a marine scientist living in Alameda, CA. His work is inspired by the creatures and colors of the Pacific Ocean and styled with the sharp contrasts of stencil based graffiti art. Currently, he plans for and analyzes sustainable development and habitat restoration projects in the San Francisco Bay. He paints to increase awareness of the beauty and bounty of our coastal oceans.
35. George Powell
36. Gerardo Chow https://gchowq.wordpress.com/
Never Forget Tempera Paint on Glass 12.5'x6.8
Born in Pto. Cabezas Nicaragua February 12,1976
Works with different media/ mixed media and subject matter from Social to Political and Socio-Political.
37. Heidi Brueckner http://heidibrueckner.com
Seeing Is Believing Oil on Paper Bags and Foil, on Canvas; 60" x 58"
Heidi Brueckner is a Professor of Art at West Valley College in Saratoga, California where she has taught painting, drawing, and design for over 20 years.

A native Californian, Brueckner studied at the University of Heidelberg and The Goethe Institute in Germany in the late 1980s. During this pivotal year, she was able to visit the major museums of Europe and found herself heavily influenced artistically by 20th century German art.

Brueckner received a BA in Fine Art and a BA in Art History from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1991. She received an MFA in Painting from University of Kansas in 1997.

Professor Brueckner’s work has been shown at museums, galleries, colleges, and in publications nationally and internationally. She has received several awards and scholarships for her work.

In 2018, she published the book “Monsterbet”, a series of 26 oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings based on the format of a children’s alphabet book. The book is available for purchase at Etsy, Amazon, and at her website heidibrueckner.com.

Most recently, she was awarded 1st Place in the international Italian art competition, Prisma Art Prize. Upcoming 2021-22 solo exhibitions include GearBox Gallery in Oakland, California; Art Show International online; Buckham Gallery in Flint, Michigan; Fusion Art in Palm Springs, California; East Central College Art Gallery in Union, Missouri; and Columbia Basin College Esvelt Gallery in Pasco, WA.

She currently lives and works in Oakland, California.
38. Howard Harawitz http://harawitz.com
London Subway jpg/62,580,072 bytes
•2003-2006 My work was included in the traveling photo exhibit, The Whole World is Watching, and in the book of the same name, published by the Berkeley Art Center Association
•2002 Two of my photographs were installed as photomurals on the Berkeley Campus of the University ofCalifornia.
•1999 The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) included several of my photographs in their OpenUniversity series of Internet courses.
•1993 A selection of my photographs was included in the book The Free Speech Movement, written bycalligrapher and graphic artist David Lance Goines, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California.
•1963-74 Worked as a freelancer, photographing activities, demonstrations, places and people in the SanFrancisco Bay area. My photographs appeared in many local newspapers and magazines.
•1970 Employed by the Farm Workers’ Health Service of the California Department of Public Health todocument living and working conditions in California’s rural areas. These photographs were shown intraveling exhibits and appeared in numerous US government publications
•1966 Aspects of Oakland, a privately printed volume of photographs of inner city neighborhoods inOakland, California was presented to the Governor of the state by a group of churches and communityorganizations. These photographs can be seen on the World Wide Web at http://exit0.com/howard/oakland/
•1964 Diablo Press published The Trouble In Berkeley, in which many of my photographs of the FreeSpeech Movement appeared
•1963-64 Studied photography with John Collier, Jr., a former US Farm Security Administration photographer
39. Ina Morava https://www.instagram.com/ines_morova_art/
Fairy tale Egg-tempera on gesso-board 23"/18", 58/46cm
I was born in Russia. I was surrounded by pets and my love for nature grew tremendously. Some of my brightest childhood impressions were moments of contact with animals. For hours I would sit motionless in the chicken coop and wait for the chickens to get used to me and begin to climb onto my knees, shoulders, arms. My efforts were rewarded with the magical feeling of a wordless conversation.

Another part of my inspiration is the ancient art and myths. When I saw Pompeii frescoes for the first time it looked like a miracle: this beauty has survived more than 2000 years to this day in its original form. There is some kind of thrilling and sad beauty in the fact that the volcanic ash that caused the death of Pompeii also became a natural repository for the wall paintings of the time.

My work is an examination of people as a part of nature and time, forces that are beyond our comprehension, but at the same time are so naturally part of our life.

The process is based on an old icon-making technique, which includes multiple stages:

- priming the wooden boards
- covering with the gauze using the rabbit skin glue
- covering prepared boards with several coats of gesso, waiting for each layer to dry, and creating a beautiful aged surface
- mixing egg tempera base, egg tempera painting
- varnishing the ready fresco

All of my works are made with the authentic laborious technique, with love to every little leaf.
40. Irene Dogmatic http://irenedogmatic.com
The Vanishing Acyrlic 3x4ft
Irene Dogmatic is the art name of Nancy Maass Mosen, She has been actively working as a painter since 1971 in Oakland, SF NYC and Berkeley CA
41. Jakob Wyrd http://Facebook.com/JakobWyrdTattoos
Only death will tame the wolf within Ink and watercolor on arches paper
Jakob Wyrd is a tattooer and illustrated who enjoys creating fantasy and pop culture subject matters in traditional, cartoon, illustrative and realism styles. You can find him creating tattoos at Lucky 13 Tattoos in Alameda Ca.
42. James Hawkins http://JamesHawkinsArt.com
Kindred Acrylic on 15x20 inch canvas
The Bio Mechanical-Urban Shamanic art of Baltimore native James C. Hawkins reflects the connection between all things natural and created. His work explores landscapes, portraits, and textures that meld biological, mechanical and geometric elements. Drawing inspiration from African, Native American and South American art, as well as graffiti / street art, the vivid colors and detailed elements draw viewers in, inviting them to explore and unfold the many layers present therein.

James' eclectic passions include painting, graphic design, music production and dance. The synergy between these interests fuels his artistic expression. He often feels right at home live painting at music events, drawing from the energy of the music, people, and vibes flowing around him.

James is currently working on collaborative projects with the Wormhole Mural Squad on large canvases, murals, and personal showings / performances at festivals / fairs, and in galleries and studios.
43. Jamie Banes http://jamiebanes.com
Rise Over Run mixed media/15 x 19 x 7 in
Jamie Banes is an Alameda-based artist working largely with found and collected materials. His current body of work is a series of dystopian architectural models and cityscapes emblematic of the current discord of the nation. He describes them as snapshots of our present reality, symbolizing difficult and uncertain times.

Jamie has worked professionally in the areas of art and architecture for more than 15 years, including at the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley and the Graduate School of Architecture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Currently, he works as one of three fabricators at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, responsible for the building of all manner of things from gallery furniture to fine casework for a rapidly rotating exhibition schedule. He likes that he never knows what he’ll be asked to construct next.

Banes holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from UC Davis and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico. His artwork has appeared at de Young Museum, Aqua Art Miami, Exploratorium, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, and Root Division.
44. JaYing Wang http://AlamedaArtLab.com
Mosaic Birdbath Art glass/mosaic/30" diam
Alameda Art Lab is founded by JaYing Wang. She has been a glass artist, art teacher and business owner in Alameda CA for over 17 years. Over those years, she has taught thousands of students the art of mosaic, stained glass, fused glass and other crafts. She has also created public and private mosaic commissions for schools, churches, casinos and shopping centers.
45. Jenna Countryman Mauro http://Trifoxatops.com
You Are So Loved Acrylic Paint on Wood / 8" x 8"
Jenna Countryman Mauro is an artist and musician from Alameda. Her work is frequently animal-centric and focuses on emotional openness and validation. She is an east bay native and recent cancer survivor.
46. Jennifer Paz https://m.facebook.com/raticalresurrections
Down the Rabbit Hole Mixed Media
This art is created from animals who died naturally. For me it has become a way of marking the importance of the life cycle.
47. Jessica Warren http://jessicawarren.net/
Osmosis Mixed Media Acrylic and CDs
Jessica is a strong force in the local artistic and general community. As an advocate for local artists, she spearheads several regular cultural events in Alameda and donates hundreds of hours a year to local charitable organizations. She is an accomplished visual artist and runs a local art gallery, Studio 23 with her partner Wes. Jessica currently curates local art for multiple locations and coordinates dozens of art shows, classes, and workshops. She wrote, illustrated and published a popular children’s book, and has won numerous competitions and awards for her work. She also started the Creative Art Program in Atlanta that served at-risk kids.

Artistic background
Jessica works in a variety of media including acrylic paint, ink, markers, pencil, sculpture, paper mache, and murals.

Her work has been shown in numerous galleries and venues in the bay area. It has been featured in public art and local and national advertising campaigns.
48. Jo Anne Yada https://www.artwithmsy.com/
My Life in VHS Acrylic/27x 12
After a career as a museum educator in Fresno and San Jose, she now teaches art camps for kids during school breaks. Art Camp with Ms. Y. has partnered with Rhythmix Cultural Works, the Alameda Recreation and Parks Dept., and The Pacific Pinball Museum.

In addition to teaching art to kids, she loves re-creating Mid-Century craft projects with grown-ups, and curates gallery shows at InkBlot Gallery, where she is a co-owner.

Jo Anne was voted "Best Artist" for 2014 in Alameda Magazine. Her Summer Art Camp was featured as the “Coolest Art Camp for Kids” in Alameda Magazine 2019.
49. John Sheridan http://johnsheridanart.com
You Are Not Invited to the Next Dimension Sculptural Collage
Born, Detroit. 1954
BFA Massachusetts College of Art. 1977.
Lived in the East Bay. 1977 - present. Artist. Activist.
50. Jose Feria https://jose-feria.com
Fluid Dance Acrylic on Canvas / 8x10
51. Joseph Castillon http://www.JoeCastillon.com
All Paws On Deck Digital
I'm an Illustrator from the Windy City of Chicago, IL. My passion and belief in myself lead me to follow my heart and move to California. In that time, I've developed in so many ways as an artist that I'm always drawing, always learning to be the best creative that I can be.
52. Judy Threadgill
Untitled Collage- 8.5x11
I began creating “traditional” collage in 1965 using magazines, scissors, and paste. My art was interrupted for many years by family, work, and other responsibilities. In 2008, I began to develop my own style of collage which features the juxtaposition of mundane articles with more whimsical objects.
Sometimes my creations are intentional, and other times it’s like a puzzle. I have all of these backgrounds and various elements which I join.
I’m unwilling to restrain my own vision or that of the viewer so I don’t name my images. People constantly amaze me by what they draw from my creations through their own imaginations.
My work has been on exhibit in several different galleries in Oakland, and Alameda, as well as San Francisco.

Judy Threadgill
53. Julia LaChica https://jlachica.art/
Guardians Acrylic on Wood Canvas, 11"x14"
Oakland based visual artist, born and raised in San Francisco, California--Julia’s work includes industrial design, mixed media assemblage, object making, printmaking and painting.
54. Justin Herbst http://@j_burrrd
Stifled Spray Paint on Canvas
55. Kate McHugh http://www.katemchugh.co
Dollhouse Graphite on paper / 3'x4'
A dollhouse full of charming chaos, with different symbols and clues connecting each room. Inspired by the way houses take on lives when we're forced to stay inside.
56. Kee Romano https://www.my-diina.com/keena
Protect Life 8 ft x 8ft
Keena Azania Romano exercises her creative mind through the exploration of diverse artistic mediums as a way to engage and understand individual and collective purpose. Romano received her BFA from Pomona College then returned to her native Bay Area to pursue a career in the Arts. Her Murals can be spotted from Sacramento, California to Oaxaca, Mexico.
Inspired by cultural practices, Romano combines spirituality with urban experience to produce work that draws upon the quest for a greater understanding of intersectional beauty in this world. She fuses traditional native arts with contemporary inner-city techniques to reflect a new language that encourages the healing and empowerment process between community members and their environments. Her style is described as “vibrant and insightful”.
She aspires to travel and create a colorful trail of art by exploring the modern Diaspora based on her multi-ethnic experience.
57. kelvin curry https://www.kcstudios.online/about
Afrocubizm #2 Charcoal/soft pastel
58. Kevin Wiseman http://kevinwisemanart.com
Of Natural History Charcoal on paper/19"x22"
Kevin Wiseman was born and raised in the East Bay and currently resides in Alameda. He studied biology at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at U.C. Berkeley and worked in the California Academy of Science’s Department of Herpetology. He currently works as a Consulting Herpetologist. His charcoal drawings are inspired by natural history, music, the dark side of nature, morphology, the psychedelic experience, a bout with cerebral malaria, and the underwater world. To see more, visit kevinwisemanart.com or on Instagram: @wiseman_art.
59. Kimberly Johnson
Winter is coming/ Charcoal on paper/ 14" x 20" Kimberly Johnson
My name is Kimberly Johnson I am a portrait artist from Oakland. I believe that art exist to expose and actualize the soul of the subject and artist
60. Kirkland Melton III https://www.instagram.com/mightiestk/
Carousel 8x10 medium. Ink/pencil
Kirkland Melton III
Pencil Portrait Artist based in Alameda Ca.
61. Lisa Winner https://www.lisawinner.com
Orange Crush Archival Print / 8x12
Lisa Winner is a documentary photographer based in Alameda, CA. She primarily focuses on families, but also enjoys street photography as well as commercial storytelling. Lisa's favorite environment for creating art is the great outdoors, and she dreams of one day supporting her family solely with outdoor adventure photography.
62. MADSPILL - MAURICE SPILLER http://Instagram.com/madspillart
RADIANCE 11 x 7 Acrylic / Ink Pen
Maurice "Madspill" Spiller Jr is a 24 year-old multi faceted Visual Artist, Performer, and Poet/Author from the Central Valley (Stockton). Creating for over 18 years of his youthful life painting has become a therapeutic and lucrative outlet for the bright soul.
63. Maria Goretti Yen https://www.facebook.com/MariaGorettiYen
Land of Contemplation Acrylic, gouache, and pencil on canvas 12"x9"
Maria Goretti Yen is an Alameda based visual artist who transfers her love of color and design into mixed media paintings and soft sculptures. Her paintings often depict imaginary creatures amidst colorful and dreamy backgrounds by combining acrylics, gouache, and color pencils. During her first trip to the flea market as a child, she discovered what would become a lifelong passion - vintage toys, one of the main influences for her art. Whenever possible, she incorporates forgotten and discarded materials into her work. Her art has been shown in local galleries.
64. May Lo https://www.maymlo.com/
Lost and Found Acrylic on wood, 10 x 20 in
May was born in Los Angeles, California, to Chinese immigrants. Her family came to the Bay Area when she was about two and settled into Marin County. From there on, she would have to move a dozen more times - jumping from school to school, adjusting to different neighborhoods, and making new friends along the way. Change became a constant, leaving a permanent impression on her approach to art. She finds endless inspiration in her natural surroundings and has a fondness for human anatomy. Her work has been featured at the de Young and SFMOMA museum stores in San Francisco, under the name TIMMY MAYS.
65. Mi Hang Ho http://www.mihangho.com
Moon II Digital Art by Mi Hang Ho
Mi Hang Ho is an emerging Vietnamese-American textile and digital artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The consistent threads woven throughout her work are intricate layering, color, and scale. With a highly tactile approach, her work exhibits an affinity for piecing together and reconstructing found materials or images to create new dimensions or calming atmospheric spaces. Ho creates purely abstract and non-objective work, and views these creative methods as parallel to that of her experience of self-discovery.
66. Michael Dugger http://www.insightfulimagery.com
Mobius Arch Photography 11x14
To me being a photographer is to be the curator of the “museum of the world”. My vision is to reveal life with my photography. I have been published in two magazines. Even been the subject of online articles. It’s nice to feel technically validated in this way. However, I really just want to show people how beautiful our world is. From pollen covered bees, to the glowing galaxy that lights our night sky. I want to reveal life and give the viewer an insight to see the same world in a new way.
I am not trying to change the world with my photography. I am simply trying to show you what is already here. This to me is “Insightful Imagery”
Michael Dugger
67. Michael Fleming http://tweedlebop.com
The Witnesses Watercolor and gouache
Illustrator Michael Fleming specializes in children's books, character design and large cartoon heads.

He is taller than Abraham Lincoln.
68. Michael J.Marx http://www.unsaneart.com
Cephalopodus Unsanus Fine Silver / 1 3/4" Wide x 2" Long
I have been a sculptor and artist as long as I can remember. My childhood gifts were art supplies as often as they were toys or books. I was born in Massachusetts in 1969 and lived there for 18 years, before becoming a born-again Californian in 1987. I currently reside and work in Alameda, California where I have lived since 2000. In the beginning, I sculpted in FIMO, a polymer clay, and this honed my ability to transform my visions into 3-D images. In 2000, I took my first PMC (precious metal clay) class and was hooked. PMC’s affinity for texture, flexibility of form, and choices of finishing techniques make it ideal for me as an artist. The combinations of fine detail, high texture and varied forms are not easily achieved using traditional methods of casting and fabrication. While my main focus is making wearable sculpture, I also work in mixed-media. I have Level 1 and 2 certifications from PMC Connection as well as Level 101 and 201 certifications from Camp PMC
69. Michelle Fillmore https://www.michellelizabeth-art.com/
The Escape Artist Oil on panel/ 24x48"
I am a photorealist oil painter based in Oakland.
70. Michelle Mohler http://www.michellemohler.com
Things Would Never Be The Same Acrylic on Wood Panel / 24" x 24"
Michelle Mohler graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Florida, and subsequently moved to the SF Bay Area to continue pursuing her art career. She currently lives in Alameda, CA where she maintains her devotion to making all things art, including painting, paper cut, and mixed media.
71. mikey elliott http://www.mikeyelliott.com
WEST2016:05:15 Acrylic on canvas 24in x 36in (prints available!)
72. Nancy Husari http://www.nancyhusari.com
consequently i rejoice Ink & Digital
I have a broad definition of the word artist, and, as a result, my creativity includes many manifestations. I am a recently retired ESL teacher (mostly comp courses) from City College of San Francisco. I write and draw every day, I’ve done fabric art, and I’ve been involved in political activism since the Vietnam War. The heart of my creativity is cartooning. I began doing it at such a young age that I can’t remember ever not doing it. I got involved in many pursuits along the way including majoring in music and working both overseas and in the US during my rewarding 37 year career in ESL. In 1986, I got “back” into cartooning via a cartooning class at the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, and I haven’t stopped since. At that time, I created a cartoon character whom I still use; my work was published for awhile in the Bay Guardian, and it was also published in the historic last edition of Wimmen’s Comix (Issue 17, 1991). (In 2016, my work was included The Complete Wimmen’s Comix, which won an Eisner Award (the Oscars of comics) in 2017 for Best Archival Collection/Project.) In the late 80s, when I sent my work to various editors, I was often told that my content was problematic because I included both the personal and the political and that I had to choose one or the other. Later, I was rewarded for mixing the personal and the political when I was asked to do cartoons for AFT2121’s Union Action at City College San Francisco. In this context, it was impossible not to mix the political with the personal. My cartoons were part of the fight for City College’s survival when the ACCJC (Accrediting Commission for Junior and Community Colleges) tried to shut us down between 2012 and 2017. We lawyered up, took it to the national level, and were victorious. I have been told that my cartoons helped morale during a very dark time for our college. In 2014, I was going through a bout of insomnia during which I would wake up at 4:30AM and do abstract ink drawings. I started scanning them in and adding Photoshop colors. The results are many of my abstract greeting card designs.
A big influence on my creativity is the cartoonist, Lynda Barry, and her course Writing the Unthinkable, which I took in 2016 and 2018 at the Omega Institute in New York State. I retired from City College in May, 2017. I am ecstatically happy to have more time to work on my art and to market it. In February, 2018, I entered the DeYoung Museum’s contest to depict my city in the style of Teotihuacan, and I was one of five winners. In June, 2018, 2019, and 2020 I took part in a 30-day direct watercolor challenge, and it sparked my interest in watercolor. The piece I am submitting to the East Bay Artists Book 2020 was included in the 2019 watercolor challenge. It was inspired by a photograph that I took right before I got lost in the Shinjuku District in Tokyo.

I have a broad definition of the word artist, and, as a result, my creativity includes many manifestations. I am a recently retired ESL teacher (mostly comp courses) from City College of San Francisco. I write and draw every day, I’ve done fabric art, and I’ve been involved in political activism since the Vietnam War. The heart of my creativity is cartooning. I began doing it at such a young age that I can’t remember ever not doing it. I got involved in many pursuits along the way including majoring in music and working both overseas and in the US during my rewarding 37 year career in ESL. In 1986, I got “back” into cartooning via a cartooning class at the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, and I haven’t stopped since. At that time, I created a cartoon character whom I still use; my work was published for awhile in the Bay Guardian, and it was also published in the historic last edition of Wimmen’s Comix (Issue 17, 1991). (In 2016, my work was included The Complete Wimmen’s Comix, which won an Eisner Award (the Oscars of comics) in 2017 for Best Archival Collection/Project.) In the late 80s, when I sent my work to various editors, I was often told that my content was problematic because I included both the personal and the political and that I had to choose one or the other. Later, I was rewarded for mixing the personal and the political when I was asked to do cartoons for AFT2121’s Union Action at City College San Francisco. In this context, it was impossible not to mix the political with the personal. My cartoons were part of the fight for City College’s survival when the ACCJC (Accrediting Commission for Junior and Community Colleges) tried to shut us down between 2012 and 2017. We lawyered up, took it to the national level, and were victorious. I have been told that my cartoons helped morale during a very dark time for our college. In 2014, I was going through a bout of insomnia during which I would wake up at 4:30AM and do abstract ink drawings. I started scanning them in and adding Photoshop colors. The results are many of my abstract greeting card designs.
A big influence on my creativity is the cartoonist, Lynda Barry, and her course Writing the Unthinkable, which I took in 2016 and 2018 at the Omega Institute in New York State. I retired from City College in May, 2017. I am ecstatically happy to have more time to work on my art and to market it. In February, 2018, I entered the DeYoung Museum’s contest to depict my city in the style of Teotihuacan, and I was one of five winners. In June, 2018, 2019, and 2020 I took part in a 30-day direct watercolor challenge, and it sparked my interest in watercolor. The piece I am submitting to the East Bay Artists Book 2020 was included in the 2019 watercolor challenge. It was inspired by a photograph that I took right before I got lost in the Shinjuku District in Tokyo.

73. Nicholas Wadler http://nickwadler-photography.com
Sunset Middle Harbor Shoreline Park photograph
I was born in San Mateo, California. I took a special interest in photography and got my first 35mm camera at 14. After learning the basics of black and white processing and printing in high school art classes, I polished my skills at the Pacific Northwest college of art and then Chabot Jr. college in Hayward. Finally I decided to make a career out of my photography and enrolled in the incredible photojournalism department at SFSU, where I received a BA in photojournalism. While I was in college, photography began to change. I can remember the first huge, clunkey, Kodak negative scanner SFSU purchased for the students. This was my first experience digitizing images and using Photoshop. Now digital cameras are the norm and my experience in school gave me an early start. I am proficient in film and digital photography.
74. Nick Shev https://www.instagram.com/artofshev/
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus ink/digital
Alameda based, but New Jersey born and raised. I am currently the Art Director of a national souvenir company where I enjoy applying my illustration and graphic design skills to many different varieties of merchandise from shot glasses to custom sculpted snow globes all while leading a small team of designers to continue to innovate new products that entertain and delight travelers everywhere. When I am not at work illustrating coloring books or collaborating with my team to design the next big thing in extendable back scratchers, you can find me at home glued to my Wacom Cintiq illustrating monsters, and critters with joy. I have forgotten more about Godzilla than you will ever know, and outside of my deep love for monsters, I enjoy all things pop culture and regularly draw inspiration from trending topics and designs so that I can always stay fresh and current in my work.
75. Nicolas Caesar http://www.scary-art.com
Drinking Buddies in Wonderland 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20
Nicolas has logged over 300 gallery shows and has sold over 3,000 works. His art has appeared in Scream 4, Batsh!t: The Movie and is a regular contributor to Freaky Magazine, zines, podcasts, prank call shows, cds, flyers, comix, energy drinks, and more! www.scary-art.com
76. Paige Tashner https://www.purrpods.art/
Artist Metal Sculpture/Large
Paige Tashner
Richmond, CA

Demure Le Purr, 2021
Welded Mild Steel Rings, Galvanized and Powder Coated

Paige Tashner, native Oregonian, recent East Bay California transplant, Burning Man citizen and two-time Black Rock City Honoraria Grant recipient, has been sharing her sense of whimsy and quirkiness for several years.

Welded, sliced pipe form the curves and distinct outline of each cat’s pose. The Demure Le Purr cat sculptures are 1/3 scale of the original interactive sculptures, the Purr Pods, currently on exhibit at Point San Pablo Harbor in Richmond, CA.
77. phillm http://www.phillm.art
rainbow bear acrylic and spray paint on canvas
phillm is a filmmaker, photographer, and artist living in the san francisco bay area. califonria is always in his heart.
78. Raul D'Mauries http://instagram.com/rdmauries
Baby Cthulhu Acrylic on canvas 16'x20'
Raul D'Mauries is an Oakland-based self taught artist and musician. Born and raised in Mexico City.
He works predominantly in acrylics.
He is influenced by surrealism, Ancient mythology, as well as literature , wildlife animals and dark art and all weird things.

These influences show clearly in his work in many different shapes and forms, and that way he's able to create his anthropomorphic, dark , tender, weird Lovecraftian creatures.
79. reon english http://jarreau_jarreau
3rd eye 8x10 Watercolor, micron ink on watercolor paper.
Reon Jarreau is an Oakland native versed in illustration, water and acrylic painting, also often diving into apparel with his niche for the screen printing process. " I like the saying think outside the box, only because I consider myself the box and it's up to me to let my creations out." Reon started drawing cartoons for friends and family and with that support gave him a different outlook on life and a better understanding of what he was, an artist.
80. Richard Ralph https://www.facebook.com/Richard-Ralph-Art-614862771873189/
Chief Ink Watercolor 9x12
The art of Richard Ralph
81. RLHaywood http://RaymondLHaywood.com
Stop Acrylic on wood panel
Raymond L. Haywood is an African American, Berkeley California born Painter and Printmaker with a studio in the historic American Steel studios in west Oakland. He has over six years of junior college, local art center and high school arts teaching experience with youths and adults.

He has taught painting, silkscreen printing, art history, set design and construction, drawing and textile design. He is also an accomplished journeyman carpenter and construction manager with Cerami Builders in Berkeley California.

Raymond is known for his abstract mixed-media paintings that often include paper collage elements, stenciled images and found text with sociopolitical undertones. He has been developing and abstract expressionist based landscape body of paintings on wood panel s for the past five years.

His desire to paint in an abstract expressionist style was derived from a desire to express emotional intentions as color in pigment. His landscapes are both ethereal in subject matter and persistent in evoking memories of spaces in nature.
82. Robert Graf http://instagram.com/muzzleburst
FILMA Neon, steel, wood / 36”W x 30”H
Robert Graf is a Wisconsinite who transplanted to the Bay Area in 2010. His background in software engineering and computer graphics has led him to a career in the technology industry. Outside of regular full-time work, he is involved in a variety of other disciplines and activities including neon tube bending, sculpture design and fabrication, interactive media, electrical engineering, amateur radio, photography, massage therapy, mountain cycling, and pyrotechnics.
83. Roberta Robertson https://www.flickr.com/photos/robsalot/albums
Sprite Photograph / 30x40
When I was little my parents put me in charge of taking all family pictures. I have not put down the camera since. There are people who say you can't see life if you are hiding behind the lens of a camera, but I think photographers see more than the average person, because we are always looking for the next shot!
84. Ronald Calime https://linktr.ee/roncalime
Citrine Day 2020 Photography / 12"x18"
Ron Calime is a photo artist and multi-disciplined CAD Design Drafter, who has worked on projects from the far reaches of space, and to the ocean’s abyss. From his use of a T-Square to the everyday usage of Computer Aided Design. He has learned what it means to capture “Moments in Time”, as a photo artist. By seeing colors, shapes, and movement that can only be captured and frozen in time.
Ron captures, clouds, reflections, colors, and movement. As an avid music fan, he sees colors in sound. Having an interest in the study of horology, he has seen the working of technology, engineering, and art to form the mechanism of tracking time, which helped him to evolve his creative intellect.
Ron has enjoyed a life up and down the coast, witnessing the transformation of the beauty and capturing the instances of the moment.
While working in the many facets of the engineering industry, and working on the first space shuttle, he moved to Northern California. Ron enjoys the challenges of evolving with technology, as he grows with his art behind the lens, and developing a custom cards series.
85. s. newman http://www.newmanesque.net
Breathe oil paint on canvas/30x24"
I have been represented by the San Francisco M.O.M.A Artist Gallery since 1996. Private collectors throughout Norway, France, Germany, England and Tibet have purchased selected paintings. My greatest joy is to share. My objective is to embrace the viewer by selecting subjects that portray the common denominators between people; to use art as a means of unification. To reach people is to feel their souls. That is my goal as a painter.
86. Sara Edge http://www.sedgeart.com
Tranquility Watercolor / 20" x 24"
Sara has always had a love of nature which is reflected in her artwork. She specializes in sculpting unique wearable art, as well as creating watercolor and acrylic paintings. She focuses her art “on the wildlife that she loves in hopes that it will inspire others to appreciate this planet and do what they can to protect it.” Dr. Edge also holds Ph.D.’s in Environmental Biology and Biochemistry and is co-owner and curator of 3Dot Art Gallery in Alameda, CA with her partner, Dave Sylvester.
87. Sen Mendez http://artbyqueensensen.bigcartel.com
Sun, Protector of Queer & Trans Prisoners Linocut, 12inx9in
Sen Mendez also known as Queen Sen Sen is a non-binary fat artist born and raised in Oakland, California. Currently teaching Oakland youth- Sen honors the ways art can be used to teach Oakland youth their voice using visual storytelling. Queen Sen Sen creates images of historical ancestors, celebrations of large bodies and visual storytelling as a way to dismantle systematic oppression among Indigenous, Black, Fat and Transgender bodies. Queen Sen Sen built their own art business sharing their journey using relief printing as a form of therapy to cope with CPTSD and Depression. Included in the 2019 Queer Ancestor Project Visual Exhibition, Queen Sen Sen displayed their new prints where they have been challenged to create images of visual storytelling, new carving techniques and express their large body taking up space using visual relief prints. Queen Sen Sen have provided visual workshops for organizations such as Wellness in Action, Peacock Rebellion and large companies such as Facebook. You can find Queen Sen Sen's online store at artbyqueensensen.bigcartel.com and Instagram page at www.instagram.com/Sencreatesart.
88. Smokie Arce http://SmokieArce.com
Rena De Taino Mixed Medium / 48x48 spray paint, ink and acrylic paint
Smokie Arce is self taught artist hailing from the tiny island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) and raised in the cities of New York and Chicago. Currently living in Oakland California. A self-published author of a book of poetry and artwork titled “Abstractvision” She views life through words and brush. Her work vividly portrays the joys and pains of navigating between the layers of a multicultural society, producing art that refuses to be marginalized into urban decay. Smokie instead feeds off every moment captured, never restricted by her womanhood or race, she chooses to exalt it! She acknowledges that she can make average folks roll their eyes, freaks freak out and militants get up and leave. But the reason for this is simple. All Smokie want is for her audience to peer behind the scenes of normalcy and see that all we have around is chaos, a false sense of control. Therefore her main focus is serving the community and relaying beacons of hope and well being.
Smokie has collaborated on a variety of mural projects in the community of West Berkeley. One mural, created under the direction of instructor/activist/artist Juana Alicia Montonya is titled “Vivir Sin Fronteras “/ “Living without borders”.  A second mural with Juanna Alicia resides in the halls of the Women’s Center in San Francisco, as well as her InkWorks Mural Project. She has also toured with Roy Ayers as a spoken word artist.
Smokie has two objectives: to give praise to the ties that bind us and to transform and redefine our relationship to wealth and resources. She assists in tree plantings, garden projects and is interested in environmental education.
89. Steven Yu https://www.sydstudiopresents.com/
The Swordsman society6.com/sydstudio
Illustrator and comic book creator with a love for 80's/90's action films.
90. Terrie Schultz https://www.terrie-schultz.com/
The Awakening Acrylic/ 12 x 16
Terrie Schultz is a writer and visual artist who explores external and internal landscapes, both realistic and surreal.
91. Terry Furry http://www.terryfurry.com
Pride Pride is Oil on Canvas, the measurements are 24" x 48"
My family's business is cutting down trees. Tumbling down giant Douglas Firs, blasting away at serene landscapes, and leaving behind barren hillsides is what put food on our table. Being a lumberman and being good at Sports were the skills most valued in my family; skills I never desired to master. My childhood refuge was seeking solitude and creating art. I would frequently hide from visiting relatives locking myself away to draw. My mother was newspaper woman, so there was never a shortage of "end rolls" to draw on. I also found the pristine white cardboard inserts from her nylon hose packaging an excellent canvas.

As I grew up, my family gradually gave up hopes that I would continue in the lumber business, or become a famous baseball player, or whatever path they had determined they'd be proud to see me walk. My responsibilities among the lumber crews lessened to fire prevention detail, I abandoned a potential sports career, and I instead held true to my passion: making art.

But as it so often is with families, you look back decades later from a life you thought you had successfully fled, only to see you never quite left it. I enjoyed a successful career in the newspaper industry just as my mother had, and I find myself still inspired creatively by those newspaper rolls and nylon hose packaging of my preteen years.
92. TheArthur Wright http://thearthurwright.net
Mr bleach/paper
Biography and Artist’s statement - 2020
93. Tiffany Mok https://instagram.com/Necrotike
Oh Say, Do You Hear? Watercolour/15 x 11
Tiffany is a practicing artist who works primarily with watercolour and ink.
94. Tracy Matesic https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011583639114
Botanicals #1 Indian ink, acrylic, water. 4'x5'
Tracy Matesic is a local East Bay artist. She was raised in Oakland, Ca. and currently resides in Alameda,Ca. A self taught painter, Tracy gets her inspiration from nature. Especially things than move and grow. Travel has also played a huge role in her work. Nature and new places are the muses for her body of work. One of Tracy's passions is teaching art. She has experience as an art docent, she taught at the Junior Center for Art and Science in Oakland and hosts regular Zoom art classes for the children in her life. Painting is her happy place and her goal as an artist is to spark peoples' imagination and bring a bit of beauty to their lives.
95. Vera Tour http://www.veratourart.com
Rainbow Octopus Acrylic on Canvas
My journey is no different than any other person's journey, I would think. Or  rather, any other somewhat aware and thinking human being that is constantly looking for answers, soul searching and trying to build a legacy of living happily, lovingly, and with dignity for the time being that is allowed on this physical plane.
I was born and raised in Soviet Union, Moscow region to be exact, where my whole family still resides. As a curious and wondering spirit, I moved to the United States at the end of year 2000, thinking that if things don't work out I could always move back. Well, I haven't. Yet. Hopping, floating and at times stumbling through life's experiences, I after all ended up in California, and eventually in the Bay Area. That is where my art started around the age of 26.  
For years I didn't take it seriously and treated it as a hobby. But time has passed and, alas, I cant think of doing anything else for the rest of my life. It has been shown around at local shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries. I curated many exhibits myself throughout the years but prefer actually create to the hustle-bustle of curating. 
 So welcome, stranger, to the  weird wacky spiritual philosophical world of Vera Tour's Art. Enjoy!
96. Victor Mavedzenge http://www.mavedzenge.com
New Beginings 48 x60 inches
Artist’s statement – “I am foremost a painter, and consider drawing and painting to be a foundation of visual art. I also work in mixed media, performance and new media. I come from Zimbabwe, a socially and politically charged country. My work engages the philosophical idea of the “human condition”, with respect to individuals and as part of a larger whole, for example, a community or country. In particular, my work explores how the human condition is influenced by censorship and oppression in their various forms. Personally affected by the political, economic and social mismanagement of my home country, I have worked by necessity in an abstract style which is intentionally ambiguous yet deeply expressive.”
97. Wesley Edward Warren https://www.wesleywarren.com
The Four Horseman 36" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas
Cybernetic alien human hybrid robot from the future. Co-owner Studio 23 Gallery. Acrylic painter.
98. Xan Blood Walker https://www.xanbloodwalkerart.com
The View To Everywhere Photography/20" x 16"
I was born In Seattle in the heat of the summer. I was very creative from a young age. I was a shy introverted child and i would amuse myself by creating fantasy worlds in my head. I originally took print photography in high school and enjoyed escaping into the darkness and warm chemical smells. After going on my own extended vision quest through the streets and drugs of Seattle, SF, and L.A. I finally made it to the other side and obtained a BFA in painting and another on printmaking at the University of Washington. I moved to SF for grad school, but quickly became disheartened by the atmosphere I found myself in and dropped out. But not before exhibiting quite a bit in group shows and open studios, and apprenticing for a brief time at Precita Eyes Mural Arts, what a great place. And then pregnancy. I was alone and motherhood was hard. I went back to my roots as a fine art drawer, I went to grad school to become an art therapist (and succeeded), then with my iPhone I began photographing again. Shows followed and my bff gave me a 35mm. And it took off from there!
99. yelena karanovich http://www.mutopea.com
Cat in a Green Hat watercolor 11" x 15"
Yelena began her involvement with the world of art at the Art School for Gifted Children in Kharkov, Ukraine. She immigrated to the United States with her family in early 90s and received an Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Laney College in Oakland, CA. Yelena has continued to broaden her artistic knowledge and expertise through local classes and self-study. She completed her BA degree in Art with Cum Laude at the San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA).
Yelena’s work can be found in private collections in Europe and the United States. Her emphasis to date has been in watercolor and mixed media, but she also enjoys other avenues of expression, and is planning to place more emphasis on oil painting and graphic illustration. She has worked with a broad range of subject matter accented by portraiture, floral and decorative elements. A few years ago Yelena has created a series called "Mutopea."
"Mutopea" is a fantasy world which occupants, Mutopeans, peacefully coexist with each other and other species. The main premise of Mutopea is that all the creatures are different: each individual is unique in appearance and character. Fat or skinny, tall or short, scales or fins, wrinkles or balloons – everything is acceptable as long as you treat each other with respect and dignity. The "Mutopea" characters were created using black pen and enhanced in Adobe Photoshop by using Color Replacement Tool.
100. Yolanda Cotton Turner http://CottonTurner.com
Mealtime Stone Lithograph 9" x 12" (image) 16" x 20" (framed)
Yolanda attended California State University, Hayward
(1988) to study music, and there, she was introduced to
lithography where she instantly fell in love with the
laborious, mind-bending, and magnificently serendipitous
processes of fine art printmaking. She had the
opportunity to study under the renowned Tamarind
master Kenjilo Nanao and monoprint expert Linda
Goodman. In 2013, after raising her family and moving
back to her hometown of Oakland, CA, she found
Bernadette Martinez at Artery Press who nurtured her
re-acquaintance with the medium.
Yolanda’s current focus is in relief and lithographic
printmaking. Experimental by nature, she keeps her
methods fresh while still giving respect to the more
traditional processes. Her subject commonly focuses on
Oakland urban culture, our kindred power within nature,
the magic in music, the human experience, and other
social, spiritual, and environmental inspirations. Yolanda
uses plexiglass, wood, lino, and nature itself as a printing
plate, printing onto handmade paper, mulberry, or cotton
rag, or natural fabrics. She personally executes all the
steps involved in the printmaking process, from
developing the image, gouging, inking, and pulling the
print by hand utilizing a Griffin etching press.
Yolanda’s work has earned a spot on the walls of the de
Young Museum in San Francisco, Ca. as well as many
other notable galleries. She can be found working away inside Resistance Press located n Blank Page
Studio, Oakland, California and via her website cottonturner.com
101. Zoë Boston http://ZoeBostonArt.com
The Voice is Silence Acrylic on Canvas / 24 x48i
Zoë Boston

Zoe Boston was born in Southern California, raised in upstate New York, and has now lived in the Oakland Bay Area for 6 years. She is an artist in almost every sense of the word, as she paints, sings, and writes. she uses her gifts to show God to this world and give glances into a world unseen.
Her inspirations come from God, life, love, music, and everything in between. She has been drawing all her life, however, didn't start painting until She came back to the west coast.

In 2019, Zoë Boston received the Jan Hart Schuyers Artistic Achievement Award through The Art of Living Black, establishing her as one of The Art of African Diaspora’s 2020 Spotlight Artist and featured speakers. She has exhibited at the Richmond Art Gallery in conjunction with The Art of Living Black, Jingletown Art Studios, American Steel Studios, Abrams Claghorn Gallery, The Grove salon, and Joyce Gordon Gallery.

The motif of the pieces she is exhibiting is the process of a journey. Everyone’s journey has similar phases; The ups, the downs, the importance to keep going, and to trust God. At the same time, everyone’s journey is wildly different, and that is part of what makes us who we are. Through the viewing windows into her world, That she calls art pieces, you can see how her journey has shaped and prepared her.

She calls it art to simplify the means of expression. These pieces were birthed from the revelations of her life experiences so far. She grows with each new piece. You are not just witnessing art but, portions of her life's journey.


[email protected]



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