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Self Portrait

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The 5th Stage

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Blue Angel

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Purple Haze

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Jessica is a strong force in the local artistic and general community. As an advocate for local artists, she spearheads several regular cultural events in Alameda and donates hundreds of hours a year to local charitable organizations. She is an accomplished visual artist and runs a local art gallery, Studio 23 with her partner Wes. Jessica currently curates local art for multiple locations and coordinates dozens of art shows, classes, and workshops. She wrote, illustrated and published a popular children’s book, and has won numerous competitions and awards for her work. She also started the Creative Art Program in Atlanta that served at-risk kids. Artistic background Jessica works in a variety of media including acrylic paint, ink, markers, pencil, sculpture, paper mache, and murals. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries and venues in the bay area. It has been featured in public art and local and national advertising campaigns.

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