Photography by Xan Blood Walker

Abandoned East Bay SF: Where Graffiti Is King

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Price $280 Qty 1
Graffiti To The Bay - Albany

Price $336 Qty 1
Lake Merrit - Oakland

Price $227 Qty 1
Rusty Truck with a View

Price $416 Qty 1
The Boat At Alcatraz

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The View To Everywhere printed on metal 24" x 19"

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I was born In Seattle in the heat of the summer. I was very creative from a young age. I was a shy introverted child and i would amuse myself by creating fantasy worlds in my head. I originally took print photography in high school and enjoyed escaping into the darkness and warm chemical smells. After going on my own extended vision quest through the streets and drugs of Seattle, SF, and L.A. I finally made it to the other side and obtained a BFA in painting and another on printmaking at the University of Washington. I moved to SF for grad school, but quickly became disheartened by the atmosphere I found myself in and dropped out. But not before exhibiting quite a bit in group shows and open studios, and apprenticing for a brief time at Precita Eyes Mural Arts, what a great place. And then pregnancy. I was alone and motherhood was hard. I went back to my roots as a fine art drawer, I went to grad school to become an art therapist (and succeeded), then with my iPhone I began photographing again. Shows followed and my bff gave me a 35mm. And it took off from there!

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