Art By Sara


Price $350 Qty 1
Frog and Butterfly

Price $300 Qty 1
Galaxy Panther

Price $1500 Qty 1
I'll Miss You

Price $4000 Qty 1
Sea Turtle

Price $350 Qty 1
Snowy Owl with Bats

Price $1200 Qty 1
Spirit of the Forest

Price $1500 Qty 1
Spirit of the Horned God

Price $1500 Qty 1
The Horned God

Price $1500 Qty 1
The Widow

Price $1000 Qty 1
Tiger Stole My Heart

Price $1500 Qty 1

Price $4000 Qty 1

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Sara has always had a love of nature which is reflected in her artwork. She specializes in sculpting unique wearable art, as well as creating watercolor and acrylic paintings. She focuses her art “on the wildlife that she loves in hopes that it will inspire others to appreciate this planet and do what they can to protect it.” Dr. Edge also holds Ph.D.’s in Environmental Biology and Biochemistry and is co-owner and curator of 3Dot Art Gallery in Alameda, CA with her partner, Dave Sylvester.

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