Eat a Dick

Illustration, ink & digital, 8x10, 2020, print

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    Debi Ling has always had a unique way of seeing the world around her. Growing up as a Generation X-er, pop culture was her babysitter, and along with a geeky older brother , she found a sense of community in her obsessions with Star Wars, cartoons, sci-fi, fantasy, Disney, and all things cute yet evil. Her work features bright cartoonish hues, satirical humor, and reflects aspects of her own dark sense of humor. Her style highlights the ways her heart reaches out for whatever is viewed as “ freakish” and instead offers it a clever grin and a hug. She takes the cheerful, vomit inducing rainbow filled optimism of Lisa Frank and flips it into a gleeful form of sarcastic pessimism. Her voice is fiercely progressive, made stronger by her intersectional feminist dogmas, and a deeply held belief in the only golden rule one should live by: Don’t be a Dick.

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